Whilst Drago Bludvist is meant to be a foe of brute force, Grimmel is designed as an adversary of wits and manipulation. Ruffnut sacrifices her braids in "Free Scauldy" so that they could serve as a substitute for the missing ropes to make Scauldy's splint. When the Riders were in the midst of rescuing Hiccup and Toothless, Eret shot a net at the twins and Ruffnut instantly fell for him as evidenced by the way she said; "Me likey." Grimmel originally came from the continent,[1] and when he was a boy, he came across and killed a Night Fury in its sleep. In the same episode, it's revealed that when the twins were little, while Tuffnut was afraid of the dark, Ruffnut used to be afraid of her brother. Both of their professions are hunting and killing dragons. Concept arts of the film reveal that Grimmel was initially about the same age as Hiccup, but was eventually aged up to give him a more “seasoned” appearance. This causes the latter to become the hunter's most coveted trophy, particularly since capturing Toothless simultaneously allowed him to capture all of Berk's dragons. How to Train Your Dragon Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. But unbeknownst to them, they're doing exactly what Grimmel wanted them to do. Although they rarely interact in the show or movie, they remain neutral to each other and will work together when it comes to it. Ruffnut's name indicates the phrase "rough". Grimmel does have a humorous side, sarcastically asking the Warlords how were going their plans to conquer the world while they are having great difficulties to assemble and control dragons, tauntingly asking Hiccup on how he should address him while doing an audible hiccup and spelling out to the Warlords the direction where the Berkians and the dragons were going after leaving Berk in a comical way. The most infamous example of his hunting skills is the fact that he hunted Night Furies to the brink of extinction. Despite Ruffnut's warm welcome, Heather never really bonded very closely with her, choosing to become best friends with Astrid instead as they shared more similarities with one another. while throwing her hands up in the air (while Tuff stares at her like she's crazy) followed by her and Barf getting caught in Eret's net. It is presumed that Snotlout had attempted to find the twins — as stated by Hiccup — as in "A View to a Skrill, Part 1", after they disappeared after being blasted out of the sky, which shows his apparent caring personality towards them. Grimmel responded by commanding his Deathgrippers to attack the Dragon Riders and burn the house down with their acid before disappearing with an ultimatum: if Toothless is not surrendered in the next day, Grimmel will destroy everything that Hiccup loves. In How to Train Your Dragon 2 along with the other Riders, she searches for Hiccup being enforced by a worried Astrid, against Stoick's rule of no dragon flying while Drago is preparing for war. Grimmel, however, stood his ground and nonchalantly sedated the dragon with his crossbow before accepting the warlord's offer.