Parents can expect to pay much higher fees at South Africa’s top-tier private school this year, with an average fee hike among the 20 most expensive schools coming in at around 8.0%. Search criteria. compared to an average top-performing school fee of R118,057 in 2019. the list of top-performing IEB schools in 2018 as well. Using SA Private Schools, you can select multiple schools in an area and request admissions information from them all simultaneously, so that you can compare how your hard-earned educational budget can be spent. Parents have become extremely sensitive to the rising costs of private education, with a noted increase in the number of parents who can no longer afford the school fees, and having to turn to financial aid. House The fees for matriculants comes in at R149,640 a year. It must be noted that most schools do not include additional fees in this amount. Helpmekaar College in Johannesburg was the second cheapest school included on the list, and the thirteenth top-performing school, producing two of the top matriculants in the country. Get the best of our site delivered to your inbox every day. Preparatory Pretoria, Building Blocks Noordwyk However, the top list is not corrected for school or class sizes, and schools with very large intakes have a statistically improved chance of producing multiple top matrics. South Africa’s most expensive private 'day schools' (excluding boarding-only schools) are charging pupils over R130,000 in 2019. All JSE data is delayed by at least 15 minutes, These are now the most expensive private day schools in SA, A US teacher was placed on leave after allegedly telling students she wants to 'bring back slavery', A dad makes his daughter hilarious posters when he picks her up from the airport, and the internet is loving it, *Copyright © 2020 Business Insider Inc.All rights reserved.Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our. Email SA Private Schools: Alphabetical List Cornwall Hill College Midstream College - the cheapest private school included on the list - was the second-best performing school, producing five of the country’s top matriculants. Preparatory School & College, Christelike Privaatskool Filter these results . Note: This list is incomplete. List of High Schools in South Africa, by Province. The Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa is the largest and oldest membership organisation for private schools in the region. Cannons Creek Independent School, Chuckles Nursery School When taking out boarding options, the list of most expensive schools changes considerably (with MichaelHouse and Hilton removed, as they do not offer day school options). ISASA serves over 850 member schools across a broad range of socio-economic and cultural communities. Schools from S to Z here, Abeille The fees listed below are as they appear on the various schools’ web pages, and cover tuition only. Gyms and fitness trainers will be government regulated – and can be shut down – under a new draft plan, Discovery is abandoning Vitality rewards points this week - here’s what you need to know, Why markets are oddly subdued after Iran's attack on US bases in Iraq: 'You call that a knife?'.