The wifi range is also not great but I could live with that if I didn't have to reboot the modem constantly. wtf optus I'm not sure if others experienced this. If so, I think you have to configure everything to suit. I hope optus offers a newer model of router for free or pay to cover the cost of me having to buy a new rounter atleast or partly pay for one, I think that's a reasonable request. that nothings changed with Optus, they are still providing no name-cheap and nasty router/modem switches. I believe this is because optus block several websites with DNS level blocking. Solved: Go to Solution. It's buggy with some changed parameters not sticking and under My Network, cabled LAN devices appear then disappear! If you are swapping from a cable plan, insist on NOT going on to a contract if you can, at least this will enable you to pull the pin on Optus and the inept Sagemcom router sooner if you wish. (I believe Aussie Broadband don't have this crap). … has affiliate partnerships. If you have signed up with Optus on your NBN network then chances are that you have received this modem (or router) as part of the deal. A rubbish modem. Lastly, the biggest issue, this is driving me up the wall, the LAN ports where you plug in CAT5, 5e or CAT6 (ether) cabe of this router doesn't seem to work well. Had to rely on someOptus and have had issues ever since with this piece of rubbish. Otherwise basic admin of device is poor. This means you need to buy a wifi adaptor for a PC that's right next to the router?!?! Yes, Sagecom modem is new; was provided as part of change from cable to NBN and was set up by service provider. All I want to know is the lastest firmware version number for the F@ST 3864AC...surely that's not too big an ask? Re: Sagemcom F@ST 3864V3 HP Hi Feduptoo - I came across this post when I was searching for the F@ST3864HP specifications this morning, so not sure if it is still a current issue for you. For the Optus branded modems, updates are pushed out automatically. This modem looks good and is easy to setup. Wifi a waste of time despite repeater.Asked Optus for a better grade of modem but they dont have one.Decided to replace it with a FRITZ! Similar opinion? I'll update this thread once I've received more info. This modem looks good and is easy to setup. For me it was just plug and play.. no issues with setup. I don't like it first of all as everyone else has pointed out you can't map static IP to a MAC address using the GUI, this means the mode...Read more. Apparently the IV and the Key has also changed, which means that the decryption tool now doesn't work on newer firmwares.