huge cry on just demotivate the young people. F*** VIJAY TV ! Sai charan is a good singer but , not GOOD as Sathya Prakash. Sathya should have been the winner and Pooja should have been the runner. Why? Who knows the vote count? all shit results made by VIJAY TV….. My request to the people, please think of all the contestants in an impartial way for a minute, then express your views. NOW ITS A ONE MARK DIFFERENCE IN THE FINALS BETWEEN SAI & SATHYA GIVEN BY (ILVE- MR. ANANTH). Great going Sai. Shruti Hassan in awe of Aishwarya Dhanush, Pure Tamil Names - Find the best Tamil baby name for your baby, Home remedies tips and natural cures for common health problems, Health Tips - Your free guide to live a healthy life. Did anybody notice that Ananth Vaidyanathan was trying to show obvious indifference and dissatisfaction while Sathya was singing in the grande finale? If that’s always the case, they should get rid of that round altogether. I totally disagree. accordingly,. sai didn’t have the basic mannerism. ?Why so sentiment when u eliminated sai for just half a vote u dont have any feelings …I think sathya may be a Malayali and since srini,sujatha and unni wants a malayali to win…..its shame……sai charan voice clarity and the words are very clear than appreciate the facts and reality…….Bullshit judjes for making such a biased comments……..dont repeat such things….as per judjes sai dont deserve and only sathya and all the public are idiots and fools……..we had not voted sai for any sentiments and we vote for ur voice and words clarity……. All four finalists were great and I wish them all the very best! Srini sir and Sujatha mam, u r just over reacted . Too bad the wild card round always choses the people who just recently got eliminated. Who will attempt this type of tough songs. Pooja and sathyaprakash totally deserved it .. santhosh should have been in 4th place..very dissapointed with the results .. Congrats sai charan you rocks you deserve to be a winner of airtel super singer 3 sai rocks always. Yesterday I watched the Grand Finale of idea’s star singer season 5. I feel that Airtel and Vijay TV looted the public money in the name of Super singer. Allocation of marks by judges to various contestants: Also the voting system was not right. Playing with the deserving performers careers and life. all the very best of your brightful feature, i really shocked and i never expect this result the winner must be the satyaprakash there is some change in this judgement i never think that sai should get the first position & sathosh should get 2nd position, i really shocked and i never expect this result the winner must be the satyaprakash there is some change in this judgement i never think that sai should get the first position & sathosh should get 2nd position i hate this airtel super singer. Sai Charan – winner??????? Similar is in the case of Super singer senior 2. FINAL REQUEST . Sathya prakash is an amazing classical singer but when it comes to western / R & B , the touch of classical pops up. I definetly feel that sathya would have got largest number of votes. and pooja also truely deserves more…. Though I feel good for Sai for his sheer determination, the real winner should have been Satyaprakash. Sai charan won the house. SATHYA U WON MANY HEARTS AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE BLESSED………………….. Mr Srinivas , Mrs Sujatha judges your both comments on SathiyaPrakash is Sathya prakash should have been the winner and santosh should have been fourth place. Actually he pointed out his fingers on the voters and talked in accusing tone. Ajeesh was not a favourite to win for most of the show, and he wasn’t even good at every genre (Pooja and Sathya are more versatile than him). TV DANA NADATHURA!! If a contestant is a soft guy and he is not an extrovert then he cant win in the Finals even if he is really deserved for the position.. Last time also Ravi was consistently performing good and never been in the Weakest zone.. but Ajeesh was in weakest zone many times and because of his zoviality he made the Title.. Considering all the aspects we feel SaiCharon is the best Super Singer-3 of the year 2011. Having said that Sai and Santhosh are talented singers. Satyaprakash is the deserving candidate. runner 1-saisaran match fixing is not only in cricket. He should not have entered this show after coming upto the finals in junior. GV confirmed it on stage and so did the standing ovation of all the musicians after his performance. He is adding extra sangadhis and it should be appreciated by judges always.