For info, click or call (609) 399-3559. Actually there are a lot of sailboats in OC, large and small. Our motto can be best summarized with the following quotation: So come join us, feel the wind blowing in your hair, the sun streaming down your face and the blue waters sparkling in your eyes. I like Ottos had a Hobie on the beach both in front of my house and in the State Park on the south end. The inlet is constantly changing and the marks should be considered suspect as a result. What a blast! Yes, some areas a shallow, but not all. The two guys working on the boat were very knowledgeable on the craft but also had a great sense of humor which made the ride even better. Staff was very friendly. Enjoy breathtaking views of Ocean City beach while gliding through the sky in a parasail. Excellent service, fully safe, great staff and fair prices. I wholeheartedly recommend Ocean City Parasail for an experience you won’t soon forget! These trips are typically shorter in duration (approx. They are very organized and take safety seriously. I lved in Ocean City NJ for 18 years when I worked in the Casinos. Ocean City, NJ 08226. A great sightseeing trip. also the state bird is an insect known as the 'GREENHEAD FLY". Choose from one of the following sailing experiences: See another side of Ocean City from the Atlantic Ocean. Interested in something more “hands on?” Assist the Captain and Crew of Alyosha and learn some of the basics of blue water sailing. Good for a calendar year! Worth the $! Highly recommend this company and we will be back for another ride ASAP!! Jamie and Joel are the best! Would recommend to anyone and everyone! See another side of Ocean City from the Atlantic Ocean. ... A Day On The Bay is located on the Forked River in Ocean County, New Jersey. Their personalities and fun natures were calming and entertaining! We have one of the most active and competitive sailing programs in the Mid Atlantic region including bay and offshore racing. Well.. you could get a flat bottom boat. Enjoy an evening on the ocean and watch the sun set on Ocean City from the water. Everyone so nice and professional. Will be going again, Great staff great time !! The Captain and Mate were terrific, they made it extremely enjoyable, not just for us, but for first-timers, that ranged in age from 5-55. I once purposely touched bottom while he down below answering the call of nature. THEY ARE FULLY PREPPED FOR STEAMING AT HOME IN A SINGLE USE POT. Most fun ever! Ocean Sailing! 2 high performance 4 people Leisure ride. Everyone was friendly and helpful. Kids are already asking when we can do it again. 520 Bay Avenue -  Bayside Center - Ocean City NJ 08226 609.418.3356, 520 Bay Avenue -  Bayside Center - Ocean City NJ 08226 ~ 609.418.3356. We got the picture package for great memories. Thank you for all of your input. The big power boats rip in and out and won't give you any room so be prepared for that as well. Of course the tidal range there was about 8 feet so when all the water ebbed out the damn boat stood up on the beach until the water flooded back in again. We offer several trips each day, usually at 1pm, 4pm and sometimes a “Sunset Cruise” in the evening. NEW JERSEY 3363 West Avenue Ocean City, NJ 08226 609-399-7687. I definitely recommend getting the photo package too, the images we got back were awesome, sharable, and high quality. This 3 hour cruise will allow you to experience the pure joy of sailing fast on a 50’ catamaran! Our mission, established many years ago, still stands today: The Ocean City Yacht Club, established in 1901, is rich in both history and tradition. Our family goes every summer and wouldn’t go any where else. Making people happy is only one of the many reasons Ocean City Parasail flys the bright red and yellow “smiley peace parachutes”. Loved it!!! Follow us on Instagram and experience the fun.