This process might give rise to an island. Wave refraction can occur at the end of a spit, carrying sediment around the end to form a hook or recurved spit. thanks guys - now we all know where NOT to buy a property - they are just sitting there waiting to be engulfed, if the seas rise even a couple of feet they are in deep doo-doo !!! It is one of the most amazing features of Britain’s coastline. These pics do not do the Homer Spit justice at all. The spit is home to the Homer Boat Harbor that serves up to 1,500 commercial and pleasure boats at its summer peak. This is complemented by longshore currents, which further transport sediment through the water alongside the beach. The Homer Spit is located in Homer, Alaska, on the southern tip of the Kenai Peninsula, jutting out into Kachemak Bay for 7.2 km. These currents are caused by the same waves that cause the drift.[1]. Birds, 10 to 20 million in numbers fly over the spit during spring and fall migrations while many also pause to rest or breed there. Between 10 and 20 million birds fly over the feature during spring and fall migrations, and many pause to rest or breed there. It encloses a body of water called Dungeness Bay. Zlatni Rat, a popular pebble beach jutting southward from the harbor town of Bol, on the Croatian island of Brač, is formed by Adriatic currents flowing east and west through the Hvar Channel, along the southern side of the island. A spit develops when waves meet the beach at an oblique angle, moving sediment down the beach and into the open waters where it is deposited in a narrow strip. Dungeness Spit is 8.9 km long and juts out from the northern edge of the Olympic Peninsula in northeastern Clallam County, Washington, USA, into the Strait of Juan de Fuca. A spit may be considered a special form of a shoal. The Arabat Spit in the Sea of Azov is the longest spit in the world at approximately 110 km in length. Minnesota point is pretty interesting as well. The Spit is administered by the New Zealand Department of Conservation as a sea bird and wild life reserve. La Manga del Mar Menor which is also known as La Manga is a seaside 22 km long and 100 m wide spit on an average in the Region of Murcia, Spain. Depending on the supply of sediment or any interruption occurring in the supply eventually create other landforms like an island or a bar, or a lagoon or a tombolo. This is called deposition. A more permanent habitation grew up much later with the arrival of Americans. Orographic, Frontal (Cyclonic rainfall) and Convectional Rainfall: Features and Causes of Occurrence, How are Rivers Formed and Why Rivers Are Important For Us, Rainbow: Definition, Formation and Interesting Facts, 25+ Fascinating Rainforest Facts For Kids You Must Know, What is Water Evaporation? Located in the Sea of Azov, it is the longest spit in the world about 110 km in length. Apart from a small area at the base of the Spit it is closed to the public except through organized tours. Visitors can hike to the tip including the lighthouse that has been guarding since 1857. This one is a curved, thin sand-dune spit of 98 km in length which divides the Curonian Lagoon from the coast of Baltic Sea. On the tip is an enlarged head wherein lies a disused lighthouse and a lifeboat station. This process forms an above-water spit. It is made from the fine golden sand and is large enough to have its dunes.