SCG Tour Online Championship Qualifier #4 @ Star City Games: 22/08/20: Standard: International Qualifier VI @ Red Bull Untapped: 22/08/20: Historic: Hooglandia Open 5 @ Hooglandia: 16/08/20: Standard: SCG Tour Online Championship Qualifier @ Star City Games: 15/08/20: Next Major Events. The Top 8 of SCG Indianapolis By William Sawyer January 28, 2019 We have the results for our first major tournament in this new Standard season in the SCG Standard Open, and while SCG Opens have proved to not be a perfect representation of how the new meta game is, it does give us some insight into what it might look like in the weeks leading up to the pro tour. All SCG Tour Online event entries are processed by MTG Melee. If life totals are tied, players continue to play until the first life total change, at which point the player with the higher life total wins the match. There was a game play issue within the MTG Arena client. Whoever didn't win the "Challenge Match" should concede the first game in that match, then both players should proceed to sideboarding. What do I do? View More. r/magicTCG: A diverse community of players devoted to Magic: the Gathering, a trading card game(tcg) produced by Wizards of the Coast and originally … What are the eligibility requirements for participating in SCG Tour Online events? Now, we are looking to do the same for everyone who enjoys playing the game on its premier digital platform! To participate in an SCG Tour Online event: Pairings for each round can be viewed in your MTG Melee player controller, then you will use MTG Arena's Direct Challenge function to play your match. I stream my SCG Tour Online events, and I am worried that my opponents will watch my stream and see what is in my hand! You can learn more about MTG Melee at Each round of an SCG Tour Online tournament has a 50 minute time limit — 5 minutes for arranging your match, and 45 minutes for the match. Will I be provided with any MTG Arena cards for use in playing in SCG Tour Online events? StarCityGames Classic*Patrons make this channel possible, become a Patron for only $1!-*Follow me on Twitter-*Ebates | Save Money on all your MTG Purchases- Get cash back for shopping on Ebates! If you're still unable to connect, please contact an SCG Tour Online administrator by using MTG Melee's "Contact Tournament Staff" feature. Please note that playing a deck that does not match the decklist you submitted before the event may result in penalties. is incorrect. If a player disconnects from an ongoing game of MTG Arena, and is able to reconnect before timing out, the match will continue as normal. SCG Tour® Online Season Two Schedule Qualified Players.

The SCG Tour Online cannot be held responsible for any issues encountered within the MTG Arena client. Here are the final standings and the top 8 decklists (and a few extra ones for a bit of variety) from the tournament after 7 rounds of Swiss and a top 8 cut off. $20 USD (Happy Hour Special 2 PM - $10 USD). Free, Invitation only. SCG Tour Online events are administered by Star City Games' Organized Play team using MTGMelee's top-rated online event software. If you have any questions during the event, please message a member of our Star City Games event team through MTG Melee's "Contact Tournament Staff" option. For well over a decade, Star City Games has continually sought to provide fans with the highest quality tabletop Magic: The Gathering event experiences possible. Stay connected! MTG Top 8 Decks | SCG Classic Event Standard Dallas - YouTube To do so, simply log into your MTG Melee account, navigate to your Player Controller and follow the instructions you'll see at the top of your screen. If both players have the same number of game wins, the player with the higher life total wins the match. If the match is not yet complete (no player has won two games), the players should contact an administrator (via MTG Melee) as soon as this happens. All SCG Tour Online matches are played as BO3. Once your pairing for a round has been posted on MTG Melee, you will need to click "Check-In" to confirm that you have received your pairing, and that you are starting the processes of Direct Challenging (via MTG Arena) your opponent.