Failure to complete reports and surveys may result in stipends and/or allowances being withheld or penalties being applied. The FCDO/Secretariat has exercised its discretion to exempt you from this condition. Your Award is sponsored by a partner organisation. Payment will not be made to you whilst on suspension. Where you are not able to do this Chevening will not pay for any fees associated with resitting exams or resubmitting written work. d) Should you choose to leave the UK prior to the end date noted on your award letter, stipend payments will stop on the date you depart from the UK. 3. maintain a full-time study load: full-time usually describes a study load comprising three units (37.5 credit points) or four units (50 credit points) in one semester. 2017 Terms and conditions - all scholarships (pdf, 0.12 mb) Vacation Research Program. b) If you do not remain resident in your home country for two years following completion of your Scholarship, this will be treated as a breach of a Scholarship condition and you will be liable to pay back all monies paid to you during the course of your Scholarship. You may be liable to pay a penalty. During the eight scholarship periods, you may be in receipt of an. This may lead to the Home Office curtailing your visa. Payments are made in instalments per year, within four working weeks of the Census date of each semester/teaching period if you meet the conditions set out above. A final report of the project should be submitted to InfraBuild Steel. d) You must not apply to switch to any other visa category or extend your current visa on completion of your studies. In the event that you withdraw or discontinue from your course or unit that is linked to your scholarship, you may be required to repay the scholarship amount in full. Recognition of prior learning & credit transfer, Work with our accreditation placement students, Knox Innovation, Opportunity and Sustainability Centre, 4 simple steps to setting up a partnership, Iverson Health Innovation Research Institute, Indigenous Commonwealth Education Costs Scholarship (I-CECS), Indigenous Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarship (I-CAS), one scholarship awarded on academic merit and one access (Equity) scholarship, one scholarship awarded on academic merit and one donor funded scholarship (unless specified otherwise in the terms of the donor funded scholarship), one Access (Equity) scholarship and one donor funded scholarship (unless specified otherwise in the terms of the donor funded scholarship), Bachelor of Accounting and Business Information Technology (Professional); or. As a Commonwealth scholarship recipient, you’ll need to follow these scholarship requirements and agree to these conditions: You will be assessed within two weeks of the release of results for continuance of your scholarship.