One name after another and Scott gives us his thoughts on each. There's a reason Hall doesn't talk to anyone but RF VIDEO as we have no problem asking him the tough questions and he enjoys telling it to us straight. “I think some of the people were asking, ‘Who is this skinny guy called Cheeseburger, and why is he in this Rumble?’ But by the end of the match, I think they took a liking to me. While dropping the title so soon is definitely a questionable decision, TNA desperately needs Carter to lead the company. Scott talked about the rumors behind the DX vs. NWO feud last year. SPORTS ILLUSTRATED is a registered trademark of ABG-SI LLC. I’d be on the road, talking to my old lady and ask, ‘Did the Survivor Series check come?’ And she’d said yes, it was for $75,000, then I’d say, ‘Damnit, I was expecting $100,000.’ You’d open your check, and that’s what you got. Hall's passion for the wrestling business comes alive right from the beginning when talking about his memories of breaking in the business and working for Jim Crockett as a rookie. Why was Hall originally fired by WCW and what were the politics behind it? But if wrestlers are actors instead of athletes, then why don’t they receive insurance and protection from the Screen Actors Guild? Scott Hall: He’s getting a big push, but I just wish his work supported it. The New Japan Rumble included a myriad of wrestling legends, including Jushin Thunder Liger, the Great Kabuki, and former WWE tag team champion Haku. HBK. Hall describes the chemistry between he, Nash, and Hogan and Hogan's part in the NWO in the WWE. Talent alone did not lead to success, as Hall’s hard work brought him to the top of the business. “You need to remember that Vince is never going to go with something he didn’t create. The 51-year-old Liger–who fought at NXT’s “TakeOver: Brooklyn” this past August–shares a connection with Cheeseburger from their time together in Ring of Honor. Hall: We didn’t have a backup ladder. There's a problem loading this menu right now. “If you weren’t working, you weren’t getting paid. Elgin would have preferred more time, as well as the gold, but he was happy with the finished product. “We told a story and did the key spots that both of us bring to the table, but you always wish–especially on a show like that–that you could have twenty or twenty-five minutes, because the best matches I can have go longer to build the match and add a little more flavor to it,” admitted Elgin. I feel so blessed. Wrestling is the single most misunderstood sport in the world.