There are 20 2-letter words that are acceptable in only CSW, making a total of 127 CSW-acceptable 2-letter words: From Wikibooks, open books for an open world, Tournament Word List (TWL) 2-letter words, Collins Scrabble Word (CSW) 2-letter words, A player who sneaks off and slavishly memorizes all the two- and three-letter words no longer has an advantage over his opponent, when both of them can pick up lists of those very words. For your consideration and possible use I have updated some of these: they are listed and linked below, for use in compiling your own Scrabble word list for friendly play. Because of the quarter-million rows in the spreadsheet, it takes my MacBook Pro about 10 minutes to process the text formulas that I added on every line. – Art. Is EG a scrabble word? If List 3 needs some words added to it, then List 4 will need a corresponding group of additions. I call this list Words with Many Vowels. Similarly, following EF you see f-s-t, meaning that EFF, EFS and EFT are also good words. In each workbook I used Excel Text formulas to separate the words into characters and test each character for the presence of C, H, I, K, U, V, W and Y. It may be downloaded from Collins web page of Scrabble tools Latest Collins List. And if you learn these plus all the words that use Q without the need for U, you could be unbeatable! Home of the Official SCRABBLE ® Players Dictionary. Download & View Scrabble Word List.pdf as PDF for free. But if you did have to play those letters: List of words with E, G and one more letter. In any case, if you have looked at the original research articles, you will see that the authors often describe their experimental process in detail, sometimes even providing an on-line supplement with even more detail. There are no long silences while a player racks his brain to recall whether QWERTY is an allowed word (yep), and whether ZEN is lower case, making it acceptable (nope in 2015, yep in 2018). Beside three sub topic we talk above, we also mixed you pictures that also in relation with 3 letter consonant blend word list, scrabble 2 letter word list and two-letter sight words list in this gallery, that's why you have to check them. I sorted its words by length and transferred them to separate workbooks, each for a word of a particular length. The Q words list did not have that problem because I had processed it differently. My second Scrabble word list is a modification of a list in OSPD. The first Scrabble word list I am providing is a page in the OSPD Fifth Edition, reformatted to U.S. letter size format: A List of Useful Words (note: corrected!). – Art. I have a list of “weird words” I compiled over the years.