You will need a large nonstick skillet or wide low-sided pan that is large enough to hold the amount of eggs you intend to make. Offers may be subject to change without notice. I had to make the seasoning, which on its own requires 10 ingredients. That seems like a long time just to make eggs. Combine eggs and salt; mix well. If you are going to hold your eggs in your slow cooker, plug it in and set it for warm, so that the insert starts to heat up. Take your frozen butter, and unwrap it, leaving the paper covering the last two tablespoons, and grasp it firmly by this end. As such, I kept them cooking for about one minute after adding the cheese. From chips and dip to one-bite apps, finger foods are the perfect way to kick off a party. Therefore the main goal is to apply heat while protecting the integrity of the eggs. Using your fork, whip the grated butter into your beaten eggs till well blended. Source: Paige Bennett for Insider, Foto: This recipe was a bit too casual. Source: Paige Bennett for Insider, Foto: The scrambled eggs I made using Flay’s recipe. Cocotine is a brand of the d'aucy Group. These eggs are just as super-fast as any other scramble, but they can hold for up to an hour in a low oven or slow cooker without turning into silly putty. Luckily, it also calls for a short list of ingredients: eggs, salt, pepper, butter, chives, and crème fraîche, a thick soured cream that can add a buttery flavor to food. Source: Paige Bennett for Insider, Foto: The scrambled eggs I made using Deen’s recipe. Follow Brittanie Pyper and explore their bibliography from's Brittanie Pyper Author Page. The key is to use at least two bags to help provide further insulation as well as a second layer of defense in case the outer bag takes in water. By putting the chilled grated butter into the eggs, the butter will slowly emulsify into the eggs as they cook, in a suspension, so they will keep the eggs tender and moist and delicious, and not at all greasy or watery. Source: Paige Bennett for Insider, Foto: The ingredients for Lagasse’s scrambled eggs. He typically serves these eggs on sourdough, and I would probably love these creamy eggs on a crusty bread to balance the texture. I immediately expected these eggs to turn out rich, thanks to three eggs plus another yolk, sour cream, and a lot of butter. Lagasse’s recipe recommends cooking the eggs for 30 seconds until they set before adding cheese and removing them from heat. Either way, this recipe didn’t turn out the way I had imagined it would. After taste-testing, I did throw them back on the pan for a minute or so, and they were more suited to my taste. A heat-proof rubber spatula, a microplane or box grater, a bowl for the eggs, and a large fork.