I prefer the Senior Manager title. Anywhere else, except in Hollywood, the title director is a middle-management title, roughly equivalent to a vice president but lower than a senior vice president. [Updated on Sept. 23 with additional information.] Which Position Is Higher, General Manager or the VP of Operations? If we look at it simplistically, the board makes the decisions and management carries them out. Connect and Grow with BoardEffect Integrations, How to Choose the Right Board & What First-Time Board Members Should Know, Why a Nonprofit Is Different Than an Association, Bringing well-documented recommendations and information to the board. First and foremost, this person told us, the technical chops you bring to the table are mere table stakes. When boards and management having a strong and open working relationship with each other, the organization benefits in notable ways. This means matters that may have a negative impact on the organization or with regard to matters that have strong financial stakes. Some project teams work late and are stressed while others have a better work / life balance. Members of a company's board of directors are corporate directors. Boards should make the high-level policy decisions and leave the low-level managing policy decisions to the management. Boards need to be informed of how the organization is being managed to protect its legal responsibilities, but the board role should not cross over into performing management duties. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Aside from the professional expectations, the other problem facing senior managers is whether an individual fully understands and desires the ownership aspect of being partner. A KPMG director who opted for a non-partner career in his firm’s assurance practice told Going Concern that he was “really happy to not pursue the partner track” because “mistakes are scrutinized” and that it doesn’t seem worth it “to have one bad audit derail your career.” This person felt that in the short-term, there were still many senior managers interested in making partner, but in the next 10-15 years, that could change. Step out of the implementation mind-set of a senior manager and be more strategic and pioneering; Spot the right opportunities and ideas even if you are not inherently innovative. Boards should review trends from at least three consecutive reporting periods before deciding if an issue needs board attention. Sometimes the CEO is also the president, but the title of president can also refer to the COO. A manager, as the name suggests, is the person who “manages” or looks after employees.It is his responsibility to handle day-to-day operations in his department or unit. As the company grows larger, it may add departments or divisions with each one having a separate vice president. Once you’ve accepted that, however, and worked toward accomplishments in other areas of the firm, it may still not be enough to give you the boost you need to make partner.