An escort, she found her clients by advertising her services online, which was a common practice by many escorts. His precise style of killing pointed towards the depth of his knowledge about the human body based on which it was said that he was possibly a doctor. The Rivets, Toussaint and Blanche, were friends of Leon’s. Those who went to school with Marie, In 1920, Marie married Auguste Antigny, her cousin, and they remained married until his death in 1927. However, many people have lived their entire life with fear in their hearts, for many serial killers were never actually caught! This was a random find for me. The majority of the male victims had their genitals removed, and some victims displayed evidence of some sort of chemical treatment on their body. The body of a third John Doe was found on July 22, in the Big Creek area of Brooklyn. Helen had been raped and strangled, just like the others. She denied being drunk during the taxi ride, and stood by her description of the man she believed attacked and killed her sister. According to López he was molested by one of the male teachers, so he ran away. Jemima McDonald was a 32-year-old mother of three children, who had gone to the Barrowland Ballroom on Friday, August 15, 1969. An unidentified female and an unidentified male were found at the Lakeshore Dump. His victims were all Hispanic women, including a 29-year old woman who was six months pregnant. It seemed clear that it was the work of a single serial killer, especially since several of the victims were reported to have been seen with a middle-aged white male shortly before their attacks. The case against Christopher actually being the Frankford Slasher became even less viable on September 6, 1990, months after Christopher had been arrested, when Michelle Dehner was killed in the exact same way as the other victims. This act led to many around London to believe that Jack the Ripper had some anatomical or surgical background. A week later, Virginie allegedly did exactly the same thing and died. Besides all that, my family and I live in a neighborhood where almost everybody knows each other. Inside the building she found the fully clothed body of her sister Jemima. Charlie killed five black children and left a sixth for dead. How the next victim’s body was found is truly tragic. His head was found, and he had been dead for around two days when he was discovered. Even though her gut warns her to stay home, a work assignment forces Ari to visit the island—and it’s even more dangerous than she ever could have imagined. Learn more about working with Thought Catalog. According to police, the original samples from the crime scenes hadn’t been stored correctly and had deteriorated. As of 2011 the case was declared cold as no evidence or witnesses could link a killer to the crimes. There was no preference for gender, and, ‘The Cleveland Torso Murderer’. The Babysitter, also known as the Oakland County Child Killer, murdered at least four children, two boys, and two girls. In one of the most bizarre unsolved cases, The February 9 Killer was known to have gained entry into his victim’s homes by getting them to open their front door and forcing his way into their homes.