Whether you're a still photographer who's just dipping his or her toes into the ocean that is video production or you're a hardcore, seasoned professional videographer, the Panasonic GH4 is like the "Swiss Army knife" of video -- boatloads of file formats, bitrates, framerates, clean HDMI output, headphone jack, full-time AF...you name it, the GH4 probably has it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeixtYS-P3s. did you use an inferior lens on the GH4 for the comparison tool? Since there are many use cases where both a GH4 and an A7S would be appropriate, what's wrong with comparing them? Considering that cheapest pro-/semi-pro camera with internal 4K costs IIRC >$3000, $1700 is cheap. would ensure for ease and clarity of understanding? Remember at 4k its one sensor pixel per video pixel, in 1080 its 4 sensor pixels per video pixel so will have less noise. By the numbers, the GH4 is nearly identical to the GH3 (just 1.9mm deeper), measuring in at 132.9 x 93.4 x 83.9mm (5.23 x 3.68 x 3.30 in.) The Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 offers exactly the same ISO settings. Looking forward to the part three, and hopefully the nx1 can be included.At a guess, non-internal 4k is the big stumbling black for the a7s for most. And it is not DPR's fault that in the end it hasn't worked out. Why do so many people misspell the over used word "whine"? The Gh4 has 4x less the area the Sony a7s does because one is a full frame camera, and the OTHER (GH4) is a APS-C , and if you bought the sony for stills you definitely bought the wrong camera because id say its more of a video camera because of the 12mp because bigger pixels is better for video so idk why the spatial resolution would make it better?. There's enough consistency throughout the scene for you to draw the relevant comparisons. 4K recording. As our studio scene does. Thank you. The extra pixels can't be resolved. Dynamic range tests for video please! shooting under artificial light sources (risk of flickering). Sensor Size and Resolution Comparison image of Panasonic G7 and Panasonic GH4 Cameras . Interesting, I guess it's the scaling then... thanks! The A7s deserves it own review for sticking only 12MP and leading the way for low light FF cameras.The GH4 deserves its own review for bring 4K video to the ILC masses and also showing mILCs can compete with DSLRs in AF-C. mrcultureshock - there is still more review to come (one final update, which will include additional information and separate conclusions as well as an overall comparison). We got our hands on the brand new Instax SQ1: an easy-to-use instant camera that shoots square format film. A bigger sensor needs more light proportional to it's larger area. The GH4 was launched at a somewhat lower price (by 12 percent) than the G9, which makes it more attractive for photographers on a tight budget. Consequently, the sensor with the largest area (largest number of square mm) gets more light, given the same aperture. Otherwise I think there isn't much in it. And how are the results? Coming back to sensor resolution, it should be mentioned that the GX85 has no anti-alias filter installed, so that it can capture all the detail its sensor resolves. Which one should you buy? Apart from body and sensor, cameras can and do differ across a range of features. Indeed, 4K video recording is making its way into the hands of mere mortals with the Panasonic GH4 after spending much of its time solely in the realm of high-end, professional cinema cameras.