Shawn soon began to train like his father while in high school in Oakville, California, where he was a provincial champion in the OSFSA in 1990 (130kg). [7] Sanders, however, reversed the decision and the title was awarded to Reno. Finisher: Heart Punch: Trademark Moves: Bearhug (Crusher Hold), Headlock Punch and Pumping Side Headlock: Managed by: Managed by The Grand Wizard. A guy in his mid 30’s paired with a guy in his 50’s, well that’s just creepy, As others have said, the Perfect Event was a combination name of Main Event Chuck Palumbo and Perfect-Shawn Stasiak (Also went by the monkier of the Perfect One. So he and Stacy hide behind a conveniently placed backdrop and wait for the gold medalist to arrive. The Hart Dynasty finisher ... Ivory Raven Albert Jeff Hardy The Hurricane Mr. So soon enough, he is getting doors literally slammed in his face and being made to look like an ever bigger buffoon than he ever had before. Born George Stipich, Stasiak made his wrestling debut in Quebec, Canada. Finally, a cage match was assigned, with every team that escaped being put into a Four Corners Tag-Team match against Kronik at the PPV. But two Americans? This led to a Battle Royale being arranged between the other tag-teams, to decide who would get the shot at the InSiders at WCW Sin. At the Season Finale, the two foes battled it out, and in a quick match, Stasiak got the victory, avoiding having his skin tarnished with a tattoo. Vito & Reno then fought for a while, with Reno knocking out Vito with a kendo stick and eliminating him. Cajun, but won them back the same night, when Sanders made an immediate rematch.[6]. - WWE Hardcore Champion(10) (7/28/02) Been here since before day 1, I have. Stasiak made his return on the April 15, 2002 episode of Raw with a new character that saw him claim that he was from Planet Stasiak, heard voices in his head, talked to himself with rhymes, and acted comically insane. - NWA 50th Anniversary Show (October '98) = Stasiak fought in the WWF Dojo Battle Royal, which was won by Steve Williams. 117 of the best 500 singles wrestlers in the, This page was last edited on 20 September 2020, at 14:31. I know I’ll get shot for this, but… The Killer Bees. It’s just like that. It was never going to go anywhere, was Wrestlecrap ,,, but he did well with what they gave him. Perfect knock off character known as Perfect-Shawn (woof) and team up with other young guys on the roster such as Sean O’Haire and Chuck Palumbo. I’ve already seen Air Boom, The Dicks and Well Dunn. For my money, Head Cheese was a MUCH dumber team name than the Perfect Event. - WWE Hardcore Champion(12) (8/10/02) Championships held by Stasiak over the course of his career include the WCW World Tag Team Championship and WWF Hardcore Championship. Instead of the two teams going at it for contendership, however, "Commissioner" Sanders declared them all winners, stating that both teams would have one man going for the belts.