A101 applicants must meet the academic and UCAT thresholds and must also meet the minimum widening participation requirements. Starting from the admission process and all through their schooling with Britus Education, we take into consideration each student’s unique capabilities and dedicate ourselves towards unlocking their full potential. We have set the UCAT minimum threshold at the 40th centile from 2019. 15 September 2020 3:44PM, House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) licence fee. Covid-19 (Coronavirus) School Admission Appeals for September 2020 Entry. Teaching may take place in the Medical School, but may also be timetabled to take place within other departments or central teaching space. Students may choose to undertake their periods of study in Sheffield, elsewhere in the UK, or elsewhere in the world (provided that the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office does not deem that place unsafe to travel to). You should dress appropriately and in a professional manner. You will not be permitted to use notes/crib sheets etc. You will have already been sent information about how to apply. There is, however, a change to the current catchment area for King Edward VII Secondary school which has been extended to include Hallam Primary catchment area. No. We do not set a dress code for the interviews but of course your appearance at interview is important. I will inform the medical school if, at any stage of the course, I am no longer able to meet the standards and requirements listed in statements 1-24 above. We do not specify the exact sort of work experience you should do or how much work experience you should have because it depends on what is available where you live. The school is ready to open on 30th August. Y6-Y7 Open Evenings. not protected regardless of time). The oversubscription criteria remain unchanged. can be contacted on (0114) 273 5790 or by email at . Applications that meet the minimum academic requirements (and, if applicable, the minimum widening participation requirements) progress to Stage 1b. Course and module handbooks are provided (generally in electronic format) without additional charge. Applicants are normally expected to have undergone a period of work experience. This threshold has been determined by considering the 40th centile score attained by those who took the test in 2019. We have 18 places available for undergraduate medicine for international students but competition is intense. Academic accessibility isn’t only a matter of means – but is also matter of catering to individual strengths. The Medical School usually uses Multiple Mini-Interviews (MMIs). Our Reserve List Policy explains when and how we place applicants on the Reserve list, when we remove applicants from the list and what actions applicants on the reserve list should take. All other A100 applicants meeting both the academic and UCAT thresholds are ranked according to their UCAT scores.