You cannot opt out of assessments after 15 March. There is a chance that the no-detriment policy may not be applicable for students on programmes which are subject to professional regulations, but otherwise all undergraduate and postgraduate students, in all faculties, are included. Yes. Your department may recommend progression and award based on fewer than 120 or 180 credits, as per General Regulations. They also look at things like extenuating circumstances and make decisions about students who fall at the borderline of two degree classifications. As long as you pass all your exams and assessments, your overall grade for this year will not fall below your safety net. As with any other exams and assessments, if you are found to be using unfair means, you will be penalised. Freshers’ Flu or coronavirus? The criteria for Postgraduate Taught students is similar, with the safety net based off grades so far this year (provided that they have completed 60 credits since the start of their course) or an average of the best 150 credits this academic year, whichever is higher. The petition was set up on this afternoon (Friday 27 March), and is addressed to both the University of Sheffield and the Students’ Union, and at the time of writing has been signed by 852 people. Where your average weighted grade based on actual results is lower than your safety net grade, your year average will be based on the safety net grade. “Our Education Officer has been working with the University to ensure this is implemented in the best way to benefit you going into the future. If you have completed fewer than 60 credits since the start of your course, it will be an overall average of your best 150 credits this academic year. Examples of how your safety net grade will be calculated. Covid-19 means things are different this year, but we’ll still be giving you the best possible university experience, with a mix of on-campus and online learning to help keep you safe. Waste less, share more: Food sharing apps can help save money and the environment. As long as you pass your modules at the level required for your programme, your overall grade for this year will not fall below your safety net. After you have passed all your required assessments, the Safety Net Policy will be applied and your overall grade for this year will not fall below your safety net grade. The Safety Net Policy will apply to all modules where teaching and assessments have been directly affected by COVID-19. Our top priority is always the health and safety of students, staff and those who make up our wider community across the globe. They will then look at your safety net and determine whether it needs to be applied. Home About Marketing Order R3 Catalogs Sales Map MFG Line Related Contact Terms Information on the University's Safety Net Policy for all exams and assessments from 15 March 2020. Each module will be marked as usual and you still need to complete all your exams and assessments. If you are on one of these programmes your department will let you know. For Foundation Year and Level 2 and above students, transcripts will still show actual module marks achieved. Your department will provide more information as soon as possible and will keep you up to date. The petition was only set up at around 5pm on Friday. You may achieve this through your safety net grade. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. For Level Two and Three students (second and third year), the overall grade for the year for each student won’t fall below their safety net, calculated either by an overall weighted average of marks for the year (so long as they completed 40 credits before Sunday 15 March 2020), or the previous academic year, whichever is higher. For Level 1 students, transcripts will show pass/fail, rather than grades, for modules completed after 15 March 2020. If you fail an exam or assessment this semester and are not approved for progression/award, you will have the opportunity to resit in the summer. However, Examination Boards do have ‘the discretion to recommend the award which, having regard to all the evidence before them, best reflects your overall performance.’ This means that if you come close and they are satisfied you would have achieved a merit/distinction had you not been impacted by recent disruptions they can use their judgement as to whether to make the award. This may range from the University awarding no grade for the piece of work or exam, or expulsion in serious cases. Stop all face-to-face teaching until our five demands are met, says Sheffield UCU, We asked the freshers of Sheffield how they felt about starting uni in corona times, Sheffield Hallam students get £500 back after course ‘fails to meet standard promised’, A unique way to cure that Thursday hangover: Sheff’s new, wizard-themed cafe, Sheffield University enjoys three place rise in The Times’ Good University Guide, The Leadmill is finally re-opening and we can’t wait, House parties are a ‘key concern’, admits Sheff health boss as 60,000 students return. You have entered an incorrect email address! In this instance, the overall result for the module will be capped at a passing grade as usual. You have entered an incorrect email address! Now 3,500 people are demanding Sheffield Uni introduce ‘safety net’ policy .