We learned all we did about her from Mycroft's recounting of her story, and from Sherlock's progressive reactions to her games. Sherlock: Why don't I remember her?Mycroft: You do remember her, in a way. That's what made him keep people at a distance, repress his emotions. Clark Kent being a ludicrous disguise for Superman never stopped Superman being fun to read. Trapped in her Mind Palace, she simply wanted her brother’s love, but, typical woman, instead of asking him outright, dropped hints, wrote him a coded song, flew a grenade drone into his flat, trapped him in the Crystal Maze of doom, invented a metaphorical plane, killed a bunch of non-metaphorical people and almost drowned his best friend. It could very well be the last time Sherlock pulls any tricks. What we didn't get to see was more of her motivation, her drive, or even that super brain she has. We saw Molly Hooper came over, which means that somewhere along the way, that "I-love-you" conversation either got repressed, or dealt with in a good way. The man you are today is your memory of Euros. Anyway, Eurus – we learn that she was the youngest of the Holmes children, and was considered by a variety of professionals to be an 'era-defining genius' – comparable to Newton – but her prodigious intellect placed her beyond 'small' moral concepts, like good and evil. There were a lot of revelations, twists and callbacks, and it was one of the best character studies this show has offered to date. It was a cry for help in a cryptic language she knew he would understand. That loss was what changed Sherlock. They went out of their way to show reflections on the glass panes in every shot of the cell after that. He was capable of sharing his space, sharing his life, sharing emotions. It’s vivisection," Sherlock says during Eurus's wicked tasks. If they're all dead, the pathogen must have been airborne, and unless she had bionic lungs, she would have been affected. Again, the cold and clinical Mycroft was the most emotionally affected, hesitant to compete with John and satisfy Euros' whimsy. In Thomas Harris’ The Silence Of The Lambs, Hannibal Lecter tells Clarice Starling “Nothing happened to me […] I happened. Or rather, the man he was before A Study In Pink and John Watson’s friendship thawed his icy heart. It was a bit... About Us | Copyright Inquiry | Privacy Policy | Contact Us. Does he suddenly have no depth perception? Then Euros killed his best friend. Little Mischa Lecter may have been a sweet thing (you’d have to ask those Nazis), but little Eurus Holmes was a monster. As soon as Sherlock solved her cry-for-help riddle and bounded up those stairs her malevolence powered down so completely that she could be trusted back in the same cell she’d effortlessly broken free of in the same prison-asylum she’d turned into her own personal human experimentation lab. Quoting John’s emotional graveside speech about the best and bravest men she’s ever known, it felt like a curtain call, a last bow to soak up the applause before they all go their separate ways. Louisa Mellor | That was, of course, until he met Dr. John Watson in A Study in Pink. That's why he reacted so violently. Mycroft, no different, revealed that he used the "east wind" tale, not as a method to terrorize his little brother, but as a way to determine whether or not his traumatic memories of Euros were returning.