Here are some money-saving tips for getting the best deal and avoiding unnecessary extras. We embrace the virtues of frugality, simple happy living, and we’re dishing out strategic money saving hacks you wish you knew about yesterday! Can Being a “Friend-For-Rent” Really Make Extra Money? Like cigarettes, however, they’re horrible for resale value and for good reason. There’s also a chance that the dealership already does the repair on their inventories which they do to raise the price of their products. Having a single owner car history is a plus for sellers. Even if you pay money for it, a stolen car is still a stolen car, and chances are, you won’t have any good claim on it. If you are financing, there are misc. Heyo! Everyone knows the fewer number of owners, typically also means less risk of a bad car. In addition to variety, online car selling eliminates the need to go lot by lot to look for potential cars. How many people have owned it? In addition, since private sellers don’t sell their cars for profit, they will abstain from selling you up upgrades. What to Expect From Buy-Here Pay-Here Car Dealers, 10 Best and Worst Cities to Buy a Cheap Used Car, Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Used Car Through Costco, How To Use Depreciation To Buy a Used Car, How to Understand Used Car Salvage Titles, A Look at Toyota Certified Pre-Owned Used Cars. Consider a spare tire and a jack to be standard safety equipment. Where did the car come from? Others, however, use a new paint job to hide accident damage or metal-gobbling rust. Before you buy a used car from a dealer or a private seller, ask these questions to make sure that you don’t ride off with buyer’s remorse. Has it been in any accidents or sustained other significant damage from flooding or anything else? Make sure you have done your homework ahead of time about the used car’s values and then consult this list of essential questions. If the dealer won't give you a deal for cash, ask what kind of consideration they will give you for doing the financing through them. It was a begrudging choice (I’m not a car person at all). The obvious degradation to a smoker’s car is smell, but smoking damage goes beyond foul odors. There’s a slight premium for cars coming out of Japanese plants vs plants in Mexico. Most Americans don't know these lucrative Social Security "secrets", Incredible Blanket Puts Humans In A Deep Sleep, Melting Stress Away, 23 Gadgets That Could Sell Out Before the Holidays, 12 Signs The Car Dealership Is Ripping You Off, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) tool, 50 Car Products That Are a Complete Waste of Money. Before being swayed by convincing arguments, you should ask yourself first if you really need the extra feature. Our car is an inexpensive, adorable little Honda. I’ve heard my share of cheap car nightmares so we went for a solid, boring little car. The vehicle’s title shows that the person selling the car actually owns it, that it’s not stolen, that they have the right to sell it, and that the real owner isn’t going to come around in a few days asking for his car back.