say "Enter Code"). Beyond it is the final Star Case encased within some blocks. You'll find the third Star Coin just after exiting the last cave, before the flag pole. When you reach the section with multiple moving platforms (just before the boss door), stick to the right side to reach the third Star Coin. Look for this Star Coin right by the checkpoint. After grabbing it, you can reach the pipe on the right similar to the one before. All rights reserved. Plz help!!! Drop from the lower gate as soon as the shafts retreat and quickly grab the coin before hopping back up to the gate before the shafts extend again! We suggest standing on the section of walkway directly above the pipe, just left of the Star Coin. When you reach the long span that you need to ride a Wiggler across, bounce off one at the very end to leap onto the ceiling. After climbing to the clouds, ride the moving platform and grab (but don't use!) To reach it, leap from the final rocking platform of the first group to the swinging boxes beyond, then to the walkway. Oh, and you may want to clear out the Piranha Plants first too.). GameSpot may get a commission from retail offers. Can i switch the gender back? SimAnimals Wii Cheats. Last Edited: 13 Mar 2017 8:51 pm. Grab the first coin when the flames turn aside. Here, you'll find two circles comprised of Boos--the Star Coin is inside the second one. To find all the latest cheats, guides, hints and tips, visit first! Here's what you'll find in GameSpot's New Super Mario Bros. Wii Game Guide: Just after the checkpoint, you'll find the first coin hovering above a trio of item boxes. Either use the penguin suit (combined with the star) to slide along the water and leap into it, or use the tiny-mushroom from the box above to jump into it. To grab it, leap from the middle platform while it's heading right and try to land on the platform below. We suggest waiting for the one on the lowest level to drop, before attempting to climb the stack to the coin. So here's how you find it: Inside the Ghost House's first room, drop down the first shaft, jump the second, climb the stairs and jump the third. The first Star Coin is just below the second suspended platform. I looked on my journal, the animals were there, but i cant even find them! Wii Cheats Wiki Guide. Leap from the right side of this platform when it tilts toward the Star Coin to grab it. We have no guides or FAQs for Sim Animals yet. To enter it, you'll have to freeze the Piranha Plant popping out of the red one below, allowing you to use it as a platform to enter the red one.