Simple Accordion with CSS and JavaScript / jQuery Yet anther simple and lightweight (near about 2KB) accordion plugin to toggle contents. Default: ease, type: string Available options are all CSS easing properties. The non-stylized examples will only have the CSS required to make the demo function. Home / Accordion / Simple jQuery Accordion Plugin with Arrows. I will never have ads, paywalls, or sponsored content on my website. jQuery を利用したアコーディオンメニューの作り方を jQuery 初心者向けにご紹介します。モダンブラウザ 、IE9、スマホに対応しています。 // 80 pixels is the height of my navigation. Simple jQuery Examples with Code and Demos. Type: string. 開閉(表示/非表示)を切り替えることで、限られたスペースに情報を収めることができます。 An accordion is a list of headers that open and collapse more content when clicked. I may have a slight affinity for the word accordion in general... Tabs are a form of navigation that switches the content inside a panel. また会いましたな! 5. This is often used like an updated alert() function. 8. Free jQuery Plugins and Tutorials - One of the BEST jQuery websites that provide web designers and developers with a simple way to preview and download a variety of Free jQuery Plugins. You might want to change th color, or shrink the nav, or make it stick to the top. Decide weather to open a single accordion or others also. Free Web Design Code & Scripts - CodeHim is one of the BEST developer websites that provide web designers and developers with a simple way to preview and download a variety of free code & scripts. 4. A dropdown is a menu that toggles when you click on it. This website is a compendium of things I've learned while writing code for fun and profit. Control the speed of transition when accordion will collapse. アコーディオン楽器についてはGoogle先生が詳しいです。, 通常は閉じた状態にしたいので、上記の場合はclass名childにdisplay: none;を指定します。, DEMO 03~05は、入れ子にしたり色を変えたり、それっぽい風にしているだけなので、説明は割愛させてください。 // Pressing the escape key will also close the modal. Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL. A simple jQuery and CSS accordion toggle code snippet, here all accordions open and close at a time on click a button with jQuery fadeToggle() effect method. Sometimes you might want to change an element (in this case, the navigation) after scrolling to a certain point. Contribute to hariskhan10/jquery-accordion development by creating an account on GitHub. ... Accordion. Simple Smooth FAQ Accordion with jQuery and CSS - FAQ Slider 34364 views - 09/07/2015 Simple jQuery Collapsible Panel Plugin 25739 views - 05/02/2013 Convert Bootstrap Tabs Into Accordions In Mobile View 20495 views - 12/29/2017 // Clicking the close class will close it. I have simple Jquery accordion, but I have problem of changing header color when tab is opened Here is my code HTML
Automatic Accordion Slider Plugin For jQuery - Accordion.js, Responsive Horizontal jQuery Accordion Plugin - AccordionJS, Fullscreen Expanding Accordion / Slider With jQuery And CSS3, Accordion-style Tab Slider Plugin with jQuery - accordionToggle, Minimal Horizontal Accordion Plugin with jQuery - Accordion.js, Horizontal Accordion Slider Plugin with jQuery - Pana Accordion, Beautiful & Lightweight jQuery Content Accordion Plugin, Simple Responsive jQuery Accordion Plugin - SMK Accordion, Lightweight jQuery Accordion Plugin With Smooth Animations - Woco Accordion, Expand And Collapse Content With A Trigger Link - Accordion.js, Stylish jQuery Accordion / Content Toggle Plugin - ziehharmonika, Smooth Nested Accordion Plugin with jQuery & jQuery UI - multiAccordion. Simple Jquery Multi Accordion. // Clicking away from the dropdown will collapse it. Active the plugin by calling with the selector $('#simple[data-accordion]') in jQuery document ready function. →自作ゲーム置き場 If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. CSS selector for the element containing hide/show content. 2. A jQuery and CSS based plugin to create responsive, cross browser and mobile friendly simple accordion plugin with arrows. You signed in with another tab or window. jQuery Multi-Level Navigation Mega Menu – HC Off-Canvas Nav, Modal Image Gallery with jQuery lighter-box Plugin. 1. I found the official jQuery documentation difficult to understand, especially for beginners who only know HTML and CSS.