On June 3, 1929, KOMO radio engineer Francis J. Brott televised images of a heart, a diamond, a question mark, letters, and numbers over electrical lines to small sets with one-inch screens—23 years before KOMO-TV's first regular broadcasts. Television channels and stations established in 1953, https://tvstations.fandom.com/wiki/KOMO?oldid=7742. One shareholder resolution, which requires Tesla to adopt a simple majority vote, did pass.Musk told shareholders he expects to see deliveries grow on the order of 30% to 40% this year, reaffirming Tesla’s forecast at a time when automakers are struggling to recover from the coronavirus pandemic. A 37-year-old man in one of the cars was also critically injured, reportedly suffering burns covering up to 20% of his body (revised from an earlier report of burns at up to 50%) according to the Seattle Fire Department. It’s a situation made for confusion, forcing investors to wonder if the summer’s bull run is over, or if this is just a correction before the good times start again.Investment banking giant Morgan Stanley has been scouring the markets, doing the intensive research that this month’s volatility suggests is necessary. His news video, which shows an advancing ash cloud and mud flows down the South Fork Toutle River, was made famous by its eleven-minute long "journey into the dark", six of those minutes of which were recorded in "total darkness" as Crockett narrated to what he thought would be his "last day on Earth." However, the next day’s price decline didn’t spark the same appetite, with some selling, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Only Buy ratings, 4, in fact, have been issued in the last three months. Since early August, those rates have been flat, and it will take a significant boost to inflation expectations to drive them lower.Breakevens -- measures that draw on pricing of nominal and inflation-linked Treasury debt to create a proxy for price gains -- have been declining since August. As the technology could potentially be applied to DNA, RNA, epigenetic markers and proteins for additional clinical applications such as oncology, the analyst is looking forward to the completion of the preeclampsia verification in Q4 2020 and a possible 2H21 launch. The most traded option was a bullish call that expires next week at HK$30, with the contract losing three-quarters of its value.“The share price will hardly recover in the near term and there’s still room for a further decline,” said Yuen, founder of Surich Asset Management.

Spot gold traded 0.6% lower at $1,852 an ounce on Thursday, set for the lowest close since July.ETF WatchersInvestors’ favorite way of buying gold this year has been through exchange-traded funds, which have added 862 tons of bullion. The company’s main subsidiary is Madison Gas and Electric, which provides both electric and natural gas utilities throughout much of Wisconsin. The metal’s next key threshold -- the 100-day moving average -- should provide some resistance to falling prices.