Until the 1963 execution of Eddie Lee Mays, after which the state repealed the death penalty, all 614 New York executions happened in the prison’s death house. We've received your submission. Still, all of this can seem a little too cozy for some of the 900 or so men and women who staff and guard Sing Sing. . “We are better than the worst things we have done — and this program is the embodiment of that,” Lin said.

Cupcake himself comes from a bit of a rarified world, as the son of a legendary money runner for the mob.

Capra is now overseeing the renovation of an abandoned dormitory that will become a school with dozens of classrooms and be unlike anything else in the New York system.

“But,” Capra admitted, “there are still a lot of guys who don’t want any part of ­[learning], and I don’t have time to help knuckleheads.”.

I support those who do enjoy it, I want them to do whatever makes them happy and fulfilled, but personally, I have never understood the appeal of making friends and strangers listen to me sing along to a track in a crowded room. The four-story complex was soon six stories, and the prison eventually housed more than 1,600 inmates. - New York Voices on AllMusic - 2000 - You have to admire New York Voices' diversity --… The Sing Sing Correctional Facility has 4 cell blogs, Central Health Care Service Building, maximum security cell block, medium security cell block, and a minimum-security firehouse. With the pandemic complicating a lot of small business plans, the future is uncertain for a lot of these recreational establishments in New York, including Sing Sing. Special Housing Unit Visiting Days & Hours. Weisberg was an investigator for then-Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau and ­often transferred prisoners from the prison to court appearances. Barrels of the stuff are stored at Sing Sing. “Our graduates are peacemakers and they deal with gangs and calm things down [in the prison].”.

The facility will sanitize the area to prepare for the following visiting day.

Sing Sing Correctional Facility in Ossining, New York. 51,797, This story has been shared 28,251 times.

Each week begins on a Thursday and ends on a Wednesday. “They don’t check your mouth, so you just walk in and give them a kiss and transfer the drugs. Michael Capra, the Superintendent of Sing Sing. “They are thinking, ‘They are getting this for free, why don’t we get anything?’ There is quite a hostile environment around it.

All packages will need to be sent by an approved third-party vendor. For now, the music is on pause, but we can remember the good times, look forward to when the doors open again, and pick out some good songs with which to serenade our fellow patrons when we get there -- I’m thinking “Behind the Mask” by Fleetwood Mac or “Touch My Body” by Mariah Carey.