Types of plans offered by Singtel In general, Singtel offers fibre broadband plans that cover your Wi-Fi needs over a 24-month contract. That means fewer lags, more streaming and more devices connected to the same network. Want to port over a non-StarHub prepaid number? Say hello to a new kind of entertainment. Consider signing up with these ongoing promotions to get the greatest bang for your buck on Singtel broadband plans. Singtel only offers 24-month home broadband plans: Other Associated Charges (imposed by NetLink Trust), 2. Business - Small & Medium Enterprises (SME), General Enquiries (Mon to Fri: 8.30am-6pm; Sat: 8am-2pm), Technical Assistance (Mon to Fri: 8am-6pm; Sat: 9am-2pm), General Enquiries & Technical Assistance (24 hours). Then you’ll want to find out which is the best home fibre broadband plan in Singapore! With a dedicated fibre network for business use, there will be no sharing of bandwidths with home and mobile users. But if you to keep your home utility bills low, then you might want to reconsider your aversion to broadband plans with contracts. Sign up for or re-contract Singtel’s standard 1Gbps broadband plan and enjoy discounts on select Samsung products including the Samsung grill lock starter kit and a Samsung Smart TV. Mobile, Fibre Broadband and TV services provider | Singtel Real speed starts here. The problem might be due to the layout of your home as well as the distance between the router and your device. Most ISPs will run also promos like free registration and waiver of installation fees. For 10Gbps: Singtel broadband is the only one with such a fibre broadband plan. [Cost] We suggest waiting until your contract with your current telco expires. Not Going Out? You’ll want to submit your relocation request 2-3 weeks in advance as appointment slots are subject to availability. Get all the answers your need for our Fibre Broadband. T&Cs apply. finder.com is a financial comparison and information service, not a bank or But damn ex tho… might as well just go for a 24-months contract. Fibre broadband uses a network of fibre optic cables to deliver high-speed data. Trisha is currently pursuing higher education in economics and computer science, using her knowledge to provide a millennial perspective on modern finance. We'll come set up, secure your Wi-Fi network and … Singtel only offers 24-months home broadband plans. You can also purchase third-party routers at a special price from Singtel. Sign up for or re-contract Singtel’s standard 1Gbps broadband plan and enjoy 3 months free on Singtel TV Starter and Trio packages. Visit a Singtel shop or chat with customer service to make the relevant arrangements. You can even share the … No issue with this so far. Unless you use your mobile data plan, of course…. Which could arguably have given them the speed advantage since its network isn’t as saturated as the other ISPs….