But someone has their eyes on her and they are considering her in an entirely different light. Movies like Django Unchained often face criticism of blaxploitation, but the depiction of the film balanced both the factors or white and black oppression. Is 12 years a slave on Netflix? The 2013 historical drama is an adaptation of the 1853 slave narrative memoir of the same name by Solomon Northup, a New York state-born free Black man who was kidnapped in Washington, D.C., in 1841 and sold into slavery. Margaret Fischer once promoted as the ‘American Beauty’, plays Eliza who wants to marry George, a role taken by Edmund Carew. Director Lars von Trier, a Danish iconoclast who has never set foot in America himself, attempts to show racism in the country in this low-budget venture. The documentary covers the criminal justice system in the United States that has been in light for decades for giving playing sympathy cards towards Whites. Tragic adventure comedy telling the story of a bounty hunter in pursuit of a Romani (Gypsy) slave in 1835 Wallachia. This list can’t be completed without mentioning these titles also: Did we miss any best movies about slavery in our list? A first century Jewish prince is forced to become a, An exposé of child labor. Story of Dido Elizabeth Belle, a mixed-race child of a British Royal Navy Officer, and her involvement in the legal case of the Zong massacre. Actress. The life of escaped slave and abolitionist. The beautiful Emma Stone takes the role of Skeeter, a fresh university graduate who aspires to become a writer. The film’s use of actor Brad Pitt to satisfy Hollywood’s desire for a “white savior,” came off as self-serving. Marilyn Clark also makes an appearance as Mrs. Bennet. The movie also depicted a lot of issues back in the civil war such as slavery, adultery, and theft. While slavery was prominent in the colonies before the 1750s, several films feature stories about historical figures. [7], The following dramatic and documentary films featuring slavery are listed alphabetically. The movie accurately depicts the duality in slave masters as Ossie Davis, who plays Luke, gets sold from a kind master who intended to set him free, to a cruel master, McKay (played by Stephen Boyd). Themed on slavery but featuring a lot of nudity and violence, directors Steve Carver and Burt Kennedy have produced a rememberable exploitation picture. Even today, it’s still one of the best black slavery movies out there. Slavery is among the most despicable institutions of any society that supports it. During the Civil war Colonel played by Matthew Broderick takes the charge of 54th African American Battalion that turned into a battlefield within the unit. The film is set in the late 18th century in a remote South American colony under the, This page was last edited on 11 September 2020, at 09:06. (For movies portraying penal labour see the list linked from here.) With the nation embroiled in a civil war, Lincoln uses his charismatic personality, political skills, and intelligence to deal with many fronts and pushes for the 13th amendment, effectively ending slavery practice.