Drivers cruising around a parking lot worsen traffic since they drive slower than those that aren’t looking for parking. The vehicle drives up the ramp to the next level, but suddenly comes to a standstill even before the upper deck is in full view. The price of a single parking space in the SMART system can be lower by up to 50% in comparison to the price of building an underground parking space. ⭕️ Other designated parking spaces can be reserved for disabled people who, with a special card, can report their authorized presence on the parking space and make controlling activity easier by limiting it to parking spaces where a disabled person is not identified. Get My Parking was conceived with a view to affordably digitize the global parking industry. All functions offered by the parking meter, described above, are accessible directly with the App 4Park. We also use some non-essential cookies to anonymously track visitors or enhance your experience of the site. Smart parking can reduce traffic by making it easier to locate empty parking spaces, thus lowering the risk of distracted driving. A sedan equipped with these features is waiting for Sabine Sayler in the parking garage of the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. MunicipalitiesParking managersParking controllersUsers, Sensor Cameras Managementng software Mobile App Parking meter Network and architectures, Copyright Intercomp S.p.A. | P. Iva: 01608200232 | Cap. Distance is calculated on the basis of the time lapse between transmission of a pulse and reception of an echo. It does so on the basis of lidar sensors, which use a laser beam to scan a wide horizontal area. driving commands are recalculated and double-checked. ⭕️ The user can know in real time parking availability in every single way, with the indication of the number of free parking space available. It’s accomplished through the use of cameras, counting utilities at the entrances or gates of parking structures, sensors embedded in the pavement of individual parking spaces, etc. ⭕️ The benefits are evident, for example, for disabled people who are not obliged to search for parking meter to identify themselves but they can be directly recognized based on the number of virtual card inserted in the App. Most of the cases, people go to a par… Get My Parking is an award-winning provider of Interoperable Digital Parking Platform that integrates any parking equipment and connects it to mobile and cloud for a standardized seamless experience. Smart parking apps allow instant payment through smartphones, this making a parking space available to the next driver quicker. Source: The company aims to create future-proof parking technology and connect parking industry internally as well as with urban mobility players. It enables parking operators and owners to leapfrog to a customized white-label solution with their existing equipment. Some cookies on this site are essential, and the site won't work as expected without them. This monitoring software, in turn, is double-checked by another piece of software to add one more layer of safety.