Welcome to AAEON Smart Vending Solutions To improve and reinforce the services of traditional vending machines, AAEON has provided an intelligent solution to facilitate their functions. Pringles Vending, Kellogg's Vending, Toy Capsules, Kiddie Rides. IT Solutions | RFID Solutions | Inventory Management System | RFID Inventory Management System | Smart Vending Solutions • Adjust product pricing remotely in real-time Bring your memories to live with Printwich. The Company principal activity is in RETAIL SALE VIA VENDING MACHINES (WITH INCOME MAINLY FROM VENDING MACHINE SALES). Visit www.printwich.com to find out more. / Unique Entity Number: 201615863K, RETAIL SALE VIA VENDING MACHINES (WITH INCOME MAINLY FROM VENDING MACHINE SALES). We love to innovate and work with you to develop new concepts and ideas, to bring vending machine technology into the 21st century. • Real-time transactional inventory information at your finger tips Hey, it is the 21st century and although the vending industry has generally been way behind… We pride ourselves in using state of the art technology and creating intelligent vending machines that are ahead of the curve! 365 Service+ | IT Outsourcing | IT Support | IT Maintenance | Hardware Maintenance | RFID Reader | RFID Tag To create competitive products, our team focuses on the development of enhancements based on market and engineering expertise. Whatever you have in mind, talk to us, let’s create something amazing! Meanwhile, the customers are provided with an improved vending transaction experience. Smart Vending Solutions can offer a variety of Vending Machines that will suit your business from Pringle Snack, Drink Machines to coin operated Kiddie Rides and Capsule Vendors. DEVELOPMENT OF OTHER SOFTWARE AND PROGRAMMING ACTIVITIES N.E.C. • Remote management We offer a wide variety that will suit each and every business needs. The Company principal activity is in RETAIL SALE VIA VENDING MACHINES (WITH INCOME MAINLY FROM VENDING MACHINE SALES). Our Bespoke Kellogg's Vending Machines have the ability to vend 40g & 70g Pringle Pots along with Kellogg's Cereal Bars. Addressing the ever-changing market dynamics is a challenging process. Let us know what type of Vending equipment you’re looking for, and we’ll be happy to supply them to you in no time whatsoever. How a Smart Vending Machine Can Benefit Your Retail Business, NFC – Apple Pay™, Samsung Pay™, Google Wallet™ etc, Remotely managed pricing, images and content, Cloud-based sales and inventory reporting. AAEON's Smart Vending Solution offers exceptional shopping experiences to the customers all over the world and has completely changed our typical view towards vending machines of the past. The VMC Kit offers full vending functionality with new Intelligent Vending features. Whatever you have in mind, talk to us, we can help. All Rights Reserved. Science and art come together for effective machine data visualization and analysis to support insight-driven decisions. The kit can also be used to incorporate (or retrofit) the latest Smart Vending features into existing vending machines. Real-time machine heath and inventory data at the touch of your maintenance staff’s fingertips anytime, anywhere. You can deliver your brand message via video advertisement broadcasting in various locations, organize Marketing activities on Smart Vending is a common trend in Hong Kong in order to gain higher numbers of impression. The UP plus Basic Vending Control Board advanced solution enables full control of intelligent vending machines using MDB, EXE, DEX standardized communication protocols. We have a range of non-proprietary free-standing smart vending machines which include features like product elevators, no-touch automatic delivery door, conveyor belt delivery system with optional touch-free purchasing via cell phone. Our dispensing mechanisms use conveyor belts and elevators, spirals, hangers or custom hopper systems. It requires the adoption of new technologies to meet the demand for an enhanced shopping experience and eco-efficiency. A must for any high footfall Leisure facility. This solution can be easily integrated with additional features such as digital advertising, marketing or consumer gesture recognition, as necessary In combination with Kii’s Cloud Platform, the solution can also provide several additional services, such as central pricing management and real-time sales data analytics.