A thousand-strong honour guard accompanied their queen. Above the skies, mighty swarms Terradons continued their assault but were slowly picked off by a flak battery of Ratling Guns and Warplightning Cannons. Many times have Hellebron ranted and railed for aid to stop the berserking invaders from breaching her very gates, but none have dared to answer the call. The Battle of the Delta was won and the skull of King Kalhazzar stood as a trophy next to Luthor Harkon's desk. In mere moments, the hordes of the Hidden, literally tens of thousands of the walking dead filled the streets of the city to bursting. As the soldiers he had brought with him hurried to join the Empire lines, Martak himself took his place alongside Valten, at the heart of the Middenheim companies. Many scampered clumsily backwards until they plummeted onto their own moat, drowning in their hundreds as they tried to escape. Suddenly, he was amid the front rank of the Vengeful Blades and faced with an Inferno. Worst still, Queek had already dispatch the troublesome Warboss after much fighting. In Defiance, Raziel saw that Vorador kept Janos' corpse in a crypt within his estate. A few lucky soldiers found time to get off another volley. Then, the lines met but the numbers of the Skaven could not break the implacable wall that is the Lizardmen cohorts. Some, the truly unlucky ones, were not. Realising his mistake, the bastard son tried to flee, but was killed when the Green Knight spurred forth and decapitated his head. Virulent strains of the Red Pox, the Seeping Pox, Scalamundrax, the Oozing Eye Plague and several other viruses began to stain the outskirts of the city with disgusting pus. Tyrion lashed out with his armoured gauntlet, forcing Teclis to the bloodied ground. For the third and final time, the Dark Elves assault had stalled. It was a terrible, animal sound, owing much to anger, frustration and sorrow, whilst at the same time touching on something darker and more primal. With a cry, Ehtract pointed upward as a Coven Throne bore the White Lady towards them, bewitching marauders to kill eachother. but cared little. Martak was not so sure, however. Another bridge led from the northern balcony to the outside of the northeastern tower but was blocked, however two small platforms leading east could be used to reach an open eastern balcony where a greater thrall could be confronted to gain an emblem key to open the nearby door and a view was provided to the last (swinging) light crystals dropping a bridge between the eastern towers. But as dawn drew nigh, the Dark Elves once more retreated. They sailed to a mysterious land populated with savage half-humans. Asuryath had been reforged. Before the month was out children frolicked and played in the shallows of the great rivers. Every few hours another warband - would emerge from the forest fringes, beastmen or northlander tribesmen drawn to the dark beacon of Archaon's power. Several miles away, King Kalhazzar looked out upon his golden flagship, the Crowned Sphinx. ( Log Out /  Soon, a mad rush to reach the shores of the Sea of Dreams erupted, hoping to get on board Lokhir Fellhearts reaver fleet before they are cornered by Tyrions forces. Slayer's Keep was no more. The army which stands within its walls are the greatest and most battle-hardened warriors the Old World has left, Imperial soldiers that had lived and fought through dozens of battles against daemons and evil men. However, the fortified stronghold was badly mauled during the Wars of Reclamation some time earlier, with about six of the eights walls having already been breached. Valten reached the northern defence line just as the first Chaos worshippers plunged across the drawbridge. He felt strength coursing through his limbs, a vigour he had not known in millennia. Valtens men watched in fear as the great host parted like an ocean. Vilitch, confused and worried, demanded what prayer was ever said, and from that proclamation, the mouth of his brother Thomin had spoken for the first time in decades. [1s], Unable to push the issue further, Karl Franz and Gelt left to attend to the warfront. They would take advantage of the mayhem to make good their escape. Ghyra, the Wind of Life broke free, its descent causing earthquakes all across Ulthuan.