Scientific Name:    Archosargus probatocephalus Drift near a school, cut up your bait fish into halves and use for chumming while you place a fish head or half a fish on your hook. The male of the species is distinguished from the female by its high, vertical head. Black drum is characterized by their high-arched backs and numerous barbels that hang from the lower jaw. Whether you are new to  fishing, or an experienced angler, deep sea fishing on South Padre Island aboard the Miss Directed or Miss Guided will provide a memorable deep sea fishing adventure. There is a GPS and a fishfinder, too, that will help you locate the best fishing spots. Sailfish feed primarily near the surface, though they occasionally dive to deeper water to feed, depending on where their prey is found. They prefer habitat with sandy, hard sand or shell bottoms in shallow waters. In the summer months, they are often found in their nursery grounds located in the grass flats of river estuaries. When you make the trip to South Padre Island for your fishing vacation you will certainly have a chance at catching one or more of these pictured species. South Padre Island & Texas Fishing - Available Species. Potential maximum is less than 150 pounds in the Atlantic Ocean. modifications. The eye is also very large. The inside of the mouth is yellow, and they have two rounded teeth at the front of the upper jaw. That is what is great about South Padre Island fishing, there is always something available so if one fish isn't hitting then we can change up and target another species entirely. The black drum has large cobblestone-like teeth in the throat, allowing it to easily crush oysters and barnacles. Black drum tends to mouth the bait, so anglers need to wait several seconds before setting the hook. fundamentally bottom feeders. On their sides are a series of dark, vertical bars that help differentiate the southern kingfish from the gulf kingfish. They are not considered hard fighters and are frequently caught while fishing for other species. In addition, the spots found on the fins of most marlin are absent on the blue marlin. and up to 43 anglers whether they are men, women, or children anglers. Wahoo are present in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans in clear, tropical and subtropical waters. They travel in schools while they feed. Anglers should also keep in mind that sheepshead has very stout and sharp spines and should be handled with caution. Spinning, bait-casting and conventional rods and reels with 15- to 20-pound monofilament line and 2/0 to 4/0 hooks are typical tackle selections. Feeding on small fish and crustaceans, sand seatrout particularly enjoys shrimp. They will hit chunks of cut up fish, (called chunking). In the environments, they are often seen mixing with speckled trout. Scientific Name:    Pogonias cromis - (Scientific Name) to be very strong fighters and often reach impressive sizes. Long, slender body marked with zebra-like stripes of white and deep blue or black. Fishing licenses can also be purchased at either location. Within these environments, they are most likely to be found near large sources of tuna, mackerel and squid. Fish of Padre Island National Seashore (Atlantic) Thread Herring - Opisthonema oglinum (Atlantic) Threadfin - Polydactylus octonemus (Florida) Pompano - Tranchinotus carolinas tackle is used. package offer, etc.). Texas fishing and more specifically South Padre Island Bay fishing has been recognized as some of the finest along the entire Texas coast. While the wahoo is perfectly capable of biting chunks out of large fish, it primarily feeds on whole small fishes, such as sardines, scads, mackerel and squid. When you make the trip to Laguna Madre, South Padre Island, or Port Isabel for your fishing vacation you certainly have a chance at catching one or most of these pictured species. Mahi Mahi, also known as dolphin and dorado, is one of the most colorful with a bright blue and yellow or green and yellow body. Sailfish are very plentiful off the Hatteras coast and southeast NC coast. South Padre Island, TX. Roams the deep blue water, but anglers can find them by working dropoffs, seamounts, weedlines and other favorable feeding locations. They are the largest of the jack family in the waters off of South Padre Island. Rates for deep sea fishing on South Padre Island  aboard the Miss Directed and Miss Guided are by the hour. Fishing in South Padre Island is so good that it attracts anglers from every state in the nation. Some of the Target Species that we fish for are Tuna, Dorado (aka.