Electrocardiograms and blood tests may be required. “We’re seeing a lot of personal motivation in this even though losing kilos is difficult. The Spanish Legion or Foreigners’ Regiment is a military corps composed of mercenaries, created to minimise casualties of soldiers during the Morocco campaigns (1909-1926). The Legion unites the two basic elements of fascism: on the one hand, its mythology is based on the justification of violence, legitimised as a means in itself and as an emblem of virility; on the other hand, this corps exalts irrationality, placing feeling above reason. The document talks about “a difficult scenario that requires a swift reaction.”. They could even get passed over for foreign missions, thus losing their eligibility for bonuses. an internal memo published this week by El País. He argued that everything that had been done to Moroccan people under the excuse that they were just "Moors", could end up being applied to the Spanish population. Bridegrooms of Death known for toughness have been given exercise and nutrition tips after 6% were found to be obese. They received medical examinations as well as nutritional advice and exercise plans to help them lose between 500g and 1kg a week. It is not surprising that the Legion's anthem, “El novio de la muerte” ("The Bridegroom of Death”), continues to be sung at far-right rallies. √ 100% FREE. Meaning and examples for 'marching' in Spanish-English dictionary. And so it was. Members of La Legión, an elite infantry regiment founded almost a century ago, are nicknamed the Bridegrooms of Death and known for their toughness, distinctive pastel uniforms and rapid marching pace. The Spanish Legion can only be understood in the colonial context. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Spanish Legion. Spain’s La Legión is facing an internal enemy. Without a higher standard, we are condemned to losing prestige as a combat unit,” warns the report. The Legion formally took in foreigners who could pass selection. The Spanish Legion or Foreigners’ Regiment is a military corps composed of mercenaries, created to minimise casualties of soldiers during the Morocco campaigns (1909-1926). The ideal goal is “to lose between half and one kilogram a week”. 21:48, Hundreds of supporters, including priests, pray for Franco, Former Spanish army chief joins praise of Franco, The Franco-era mass graves and conflictive memories of Barcelona's Montjuïc cemetery, Franco, Hitler and the Catalans of Auschwitz, Four Spanish ministers sing 'The bridegroom of death' during Easter parade, Army officer dismissed after far-right Vox uses military premises for an event. Barcelona. The Spanish Foreign Legion, officially the "Tercio de Extranjeros " (Regiment of Foreigners) but never referred to by its members, serving and former, as anything other than "la Legion de Extranjeros " or simply "la Legion ", is an organization that grew naturally out of Spain's African adventurism. Tercio de Extranjeros of Morocco The Spanish Moroccan territories were officially declared pacified in 1927. Recibe la mejor información en tu bandeja de entrada, Spain commits to boosting military spending by 80% up to 2024, Spain to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan before October 31. “A high average age among Brileg personnel, together with significant physical wear and tear [...], a lack of resources and facilities providing opportunities for diverse and motivating physical training, and a general sense of conformity with regard to this weight problem, which is socially accepted to a certain degree, are all factors that have notably helped propagate this problem,” reads the memo. But this look does not suit the spirit of the Legión, a unit renowned for its double-quick marching pace and brave assertions that a legionario “will never admit he’s tired until he drops dead” or that his body will be “the fastest and most resistant.”. The video below (in Catalan, subtitled in Castilian) is based on the above article: T'ha fet servei aquest article? The Legión Española (Spanish(f) Legion) marching with their 160 steps per minute, and no... video is not speeded up. Part one of the plan involves raising awareness that obesity not only leads to health problems, but also undermines the unit’s outside image. By Richard Lucas. 7 Spanish Legion, one of the fastest military steps. These are not unfounded accusations by their enemies: these practices even appear in the books written by legionnaires themselves, such as Franco's Diario de una bandera ("Diary of a Flag").