This special treatment culminated with an invitation to travel to Rome during Holy Week as part of an Opus Dei-sponsored group UNIV. “Only when God expands our hearts, when God enables us to love more; the strength we need to love comes from Christ’s charity, which we attain by asking our Lord for it., Bob Sylvain Midweek: Monday, 8pm - Thursday, 10am (new times for Fall 2020) Cost: $365 March 30 - April 2, 2020 - Cancelled ; May 11 - 14 - Cancelled ; October 5 - 8 - Open The directors always talked about the founder’s need to have more members in the field of communications. When I started to date as a sophomore, the director asked me what my boyfriend and I talked about, and told me not to discuss religion or Opus Dei with him. I felt torn about this because I was trying to learn Spanish and wanted to make friends with the Spaniards in my classes. Gaby spoke about a favor she had received through the intercession of Blessed Alvaro del Portillo, Saint Josemaría’s successor as head of Opus Dei. all Women's Activities My involvement with Opus Dei began innocently with the recommendation of a friend that I look into Bayridge Residence as a housing solution. He’s not alone in being tied to that center. Opus Dei, a lay organization approved by the Catholic Church, claims to do the work of God, but their methods compare to those described in Steve Hassan’s Combatting Cult Mind Control. To read the story in Spanish, click on “Mi Pesadilla en el Opus Dei.”), by Sharon Clasen, Former Numerary. When I was a member, female numeraries were not allowed to wear pants, except while exercising. More Information . In a stern voice, she told me that my mother needed me now, and that I had better come home. We too have to be people of great hope, a hope grounded on faith: faith in God’s love for us, faith in the Christian vocation we have received in the Work; and therefore, together with our vocation, we have the grace to carry out the mission entrusted to us by our Lord.”, Greg, a flight controller for NASA’s International Space Station, told the Prelate that this week is the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. In addition to all of the above means of formation, we had classes every night of the week, so that we had absolutely no free time in order to think. One Saturday night, I got a phone call from my mother, who told me that my sister was in the hospital due to an unfortunate accident. I had to wait for her to finish her dinner and her social cup of coffee. After returning home from Spain for my senior year, Maria was influencing me to become a numerary. Several days after joining, the director took me aside and handed me a small blue-flowered hand-sewn bag filled with a cilice, a spiked chain worn around the thigh for two hours a day. He asked how the Prelate had come to discern his own vocation. His brother took him over to a center of Opus Dei that was close by. AN INDEPENDENT DAY SCHOOL FOR BOYS GRADES 3 – 8, Admissions The administration even packed all of our nice groceries. Opus Dei priests occasionally provide their pastoral services informally to other schools. After welcoming him, they updated his “passport,” a gift he received in New York, by adding stamps from the various cities in Texas they had come from to see him. Rosie, a high school junior, lives six hours from Houston by car. According to Hassan, the first component of mind control is behavior control, which “is the regulation of an individual’s physical reality. She was quite upset. Up until this point, mention of these instruments of self-inflicted torture had been downplayed, and now reality was starting to set in. On the day I moved in, I found out that we were supposed to get rid of old family photographs and that we slept on a slab of plywood placed on top of our mattress. Can non-Catholic Christians and non-Christians belong to Opus Dei? She picked out skirts for me which were two sizes larger than my old ones. I was a naive and idealistic freshman at Boston College when I applied to live at Bayridge. They told me not to become a numerary right away, not until I had more spiritual formation. When I told her I was busy and on my way to a business meeting, she followed me on the subway, all the while talking at me about how if I did not come back, I would go to hell.