Its a hex key, looks like a circle with a little knob on one part. I'm getting screwed in more ways than one. 12 years ago. *********, Reply Shop for Commercial Laundry … If you use coins the banks charge 2% to count the coins for deposit. I assume you know the difference between the terms "hacker" and "cracker" but just in case, here is an oversimplification, again: a hacker seeks for knowledge; how something works, how to do/build something, period. BDS Laundry Systems provides commercial laundry equipment & management solutions for multi-housing, OPL and coin laundries. I also had an attorney friend read my lease and nothing in my lease says I can't put in my own washer/dryer...I just can't take their w/d off the property. For rust and corrosion on the stainless tub, Maytag has a 10-year warranty, Speed Queen has a lifetime limited. I would wholeheartedly recommend this particular Speed Queen LWN432 commercial top-loader washing machine to anyone who wants a traditional, back-to-basics toploading washer. Many of those type machines have a number of failsafes that keep a simple over-ride from occurring. They root quickly and I find it hard to consider that stealing. Here are the repair parts and diagrams for your Speed Queen SWT921WN commercial washer. The machines computer should have 4 button in a 2x2 little grid. Lets see in California the utility cost for each wash cycle runs $1.03 and each 30 minute dry cycle $ 0.74. If you’d like help, we invite you to call our customer service number at the top of the page, or click chat. I just want to stick it to my landlord until I find a new place. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The local wash house has a magnetic strip card, and sure one could reprogram the strip with extra cash on it, and save about $200 or more a year, and then, after being caught, all your wash would be done for you....for free. YouTube it and bam! If you live in an apartment and it has coin operated laundry I got you fam. Its a hex key, looks like a circle with a little knob on one part. If you live in an apartment and it has coin operated laundry I got you fam. Super close to free laundry just stay with me here. These vary a bit but its just a one touch thing and the machine will be ready to run. . Use two fingers and push them both. I had a friend who drove a Jag. 11 years ago, I am in the card reader business and have designed a great system to operate washers and dryers that does not require a lot of expense in setting up and is foolproof if you would lie to discuss it send me your phone number to, Reply While looking for ways to help with the mortgage and numerous other bills, I came up with the idea of installing a coin operated washer and drier, which would actually help the tenants a lot, since the laundrymat is not too close and the idea is to charge the same. Beyond the full warranty, Maytag covers the motor for 10 years, Speed Queen for 5. I moved into a new apartment with a washer/dryer in my place. He actually forces you to use that machine rather then, say, one in a wash-house or, since you pay for the water, your own ? Or just buy it from harbor freight and then you can just be honest and say it stopped working after a day. it switches between a "dash" mode and then settings like spin and U, no way to get it to do a diagnostic wash. Hi - well I guess I am considered the enemy in your book. For some reason cloning them is frowned upon, but snip a little off some asexually reproducing plant and nobody bats an eyelid. Hang above the tub to dry. Maybe I should just sacrifice the closet space and get my own w/d. I'm a big idiot when it comes to electronics. So you take into account the cost of the machine +utilities+ etc. I have to pay for the water bill for my place and the electricity to use it. Then again you could try not washing your clothes, and mail them to your parents? Reply With access to Speed Queen, UniMac, Maytag, Electrolux and more name brand equipment we’ll help you achieve your laundry needs. Something like this. ON-PREMISES LAUNDRY Elevate laundry productivity to new heights. No more quarters and bullshit. L, Reply So we have the key lets talk about how to use it. Apparently super illegal to take clippings from the royal garden, but one of their relatives did and voila, free flowers. Now, here is the kicker. . 10 years ago. The Speed Queen Classic Clean top load washer utilizes a transmission-driven wash action, producing an aggressive 210-degree stroke to remove tough stains fast. Go on eBay and buy a Speed Queen 800 key. Super strength, high security, double wrapped steel front money vault discourages and prevents vandalism. Wow, I'm not into plants and all that but this is really interesting. Speed Queen 6.5 kg top load coin operated washing machine SWT911 The top load coin operated washer displayed in laundromats world wide.