Covers all parts and in-home labor. When square footage is at a premium, Speed Queen stacked washer/dryers offer the perfect solution. Durable Stainless Steel Tub is gentler on your clothes and ensures long-lasting, dependable performance. Liam McCabe is a senior staff writer for Wirecutter, and has covered the wild world of appliances since 2011. Constructed with metal components and rigorously tested to ensure reliable performance, Speed Queen top load washers are Built Better to Last Longer. The Speed Queen Classic Clean™ top load washer utilizes a transmission-driven wash action, producing an aggressive 210-degree stroke to remove tough stains fast. D-Depth 28″ And then there’s the Speed Queen Classic TC5, which we did test. 5. Solid Mount Suspension System features a full steel base with heavy-duty springs for best-in-class out-of-balance performance, less vibration and longer machine life. Ft. 3.2, Optional Accessories Glendale CA 91205, Speed Queen TR3000WN Top Load Washer White, Speed Queen TC5000WN Top Load Washer White. So essentially, Speed Queen created a Normal cycle that (most of the time) is so purposefully stingy with water and energy that it allows the TC5 to meet the efficiency regulations—even though it also has a Deep Fill option that fills the entire 24-gallon tub to the brim, and even though the Heavy Duty and Permanent Press cycles use more water and higher temperatures on the Hot setting. Photo: Alliance Laundry Systems, In another room, testing engineers run dozens and dozens of machines constantly to make sure they can live up to their lofty durability claims and to look for any design flaws that pop up with repeated use. If you shop at a local, independent appliance dealer, you’ll probably come across Speed Queen washers. And as more people become disillusioned with the sorry state of appliance durability, Speed Queen’s popularity keeps growing. Full Tub Wash & Rinse fills the entire tub with water to achieve maximum cleanliness. But it’s back for 2019, baby! Drain Extension Kit – Part No. This figure could reflect a large handful of faulty units that needed multiple service calls, rather than dozens of machines that each needed one visit, but it’s not an especially encouraging sign when the average service rate is closer to 13 percent for top-loaders and just 10 percent for front-loaders. Speed Queen uses a metal-bending robot to shape parts for its washing machines and dryers. These other options are Speed Queen’s defining traits, and popular features among people who prefer this old-school-style washer (even though there’s a ton of evidence to prove that efficient washers are usually much better at removing stains and preventing fabric damage than the washers that use the most water). We tried 11 machine-washable ones to find five worth lounging with. After testing dozens of robot vacuums, he is neither worried about AI nor holding his breath for self-driving cars. The Longest Lasting Washers With a Warranty to Match.Covers all parts and in-home labor. Speed Queen top load washers feature a one of a kind wash system that not only delivers the best wash available, but also takes care of clothes.