Jonathan Frakes has deeper ties to the Star Trek franchise than just about anyone outside of the Roddenberry family. (TNG: "Encounter at Farpoint") They eventually decided to keep a professional yet friendly relationship. In several universes, Riker was still Enterprise first officer, and planned a surprise birthday party for Worf even though Worf had made it expressly clear he did not want one. The two remained adversarial, despite Kyle's wish to heal any wounds before Riker departed on his mission. (TNG: "First Contact"), Riker romanced Carmen Davila in early 2368 while some of the Enterprise crew helped establish a colony on Melona IV. (TNG: "The Quality of Life") He briefly shaved it in 2375 after he resumed his relationship with Deanna Troi. Beverly was on her side, smiling at him. He was a single parent with one slightly troublesome child, "Jean-Luc Riker." Meanwhile, Riker has been detained by security forces in a hospital, where he is barely conscious following an accident. (TNG: "Rascals"), Riker braces himself as the Enterprise-D crashes into Veridian III, Riker with the captain's chair after the Enterprise's destruction, Riker was in command during the Enterprise-D's final battle in 2371. Riker was then returned to his timeframe without any knowledge of being aboard Voyager. The Zheng He then withdrew from Coppelius with the rest of the fleet to escort the Romulans from Federation space. Riker was incensed to discover his holosimulation, which Troi believed Reg made short on purpose because Riker's height may have been intimidating. What is better: to have a modal open instantly and then load its contents, or to load its contents and then open it? Starfleet Security was interested in retrieving the phasing cloaking device, which also piqued Romulan interest. That also means spoiler warning for 2001.). (ENT: "These Are the Voyages..."). He was able to resist her but needed to visit the holodeck after the encounter. The Starfleet Judge Advocate General investigated the Pegasus incident, but the survivors participated in a coverup. Originally, the skin was Riker, but it evolved into its own character. In 2365, Riker was given temporary command of the outdated USS Hathaway during a combat exercise to ready for the Borg invasion. Among his crew were Deanna Troi, Geordi La Forge, Tom Paris, and B'Elanna Torres. In a memo from John E. Ferraro to John Pike, dated 13 April 1987, Frakes, Gregg Marx, Murphy and O'Gorman were named as being considered for the role, with O'Gorman described as a favorite and an atypical but good choice for the role. (Star Trek: Insurrection), In Reg Barclay's holofantasies of the Enterprise crew programmed in 2366, Riker was a short toady fellow who followed The Three Musketeers: Picard, Data, and La Forge. Back on the Enterprise, Picard jokingly suggested that Data place Riker under arrest for treason. (TNG: "Parallels") Worf was concerned that Riker might feel betrayed by their relationship, and wanted to discuss the issue with Riker late that year. (TNG: "Chain of Command, Part I", "Second Chances"), Riker's Starfleet serial number was SC 231-427. (TNG: "The Measure Of A Man", "The Price") He also knew several card tricks, one of which was used in a failed attempt to fool Data in 2367. As the Borg focused their attack, the saucer launched a shuttlecraft carrying Data and Worf. You can also see his body is tilted a little when he's standing up straight. thing and I'm like, until I saw that youtube, I had no concept that We always had the Picard sit-down and pull uniform maneuver and now this too! His mind resisted the torture by accessing memories of a play, Frame of Mind, which Riker had participated in as the main character shortly before the mission. In this episode, Riker falls in love with Soren, a member of an androgynous race which finds gender specificity unacceptable. In 2373 the Enterprise took part in the Battle of Sector 001 against Starfleet orders. Paul Rice was at the academy at the same time, and they were friends. ", "That was the best answer you could give me. (TNG: "The Outcast"), Riker also liked to good-naturedly rib Worf, who was notorious for his lack of a sense of humor. Initially the incident was blamed on Romulan espionage, but it was later determined to be a problem with the hatch, which had been replaced at Earth Station McKinley a few months previously.