When you join, you get a starting space station. You have enough time to build additional stations, but those will be less developed than your capital. Missions appear in deep space, and you can send fleets of defense, offense or scan ships to obtain random card packs. 0 comments. Collectible cards are important for the game. Once you've started playing, you'll get achievements that include cards as reward. +20–200 based on the level of the Building Co… The Fleet button at the top shows more information about each fleet: who is commanding, what it's doing, and its bonus cards (more on that in a few). Second station. The game is realtime for everyone. You should use that time to develop, prepare yourself, and expand. Here in the Beginners Guide we look at Starborne’s core concepts and goals. Once you've added the right building, or obtained the right card, you can place an "outpost", an extension to your station. In fact, the game. You can spread your Scan Strengthwith stations and probes, but multiple sources do not stack. You start with 7 days of protection. Starborne is a MMO-RTS by Solid Clouds, a Real-Time Strategy game where you play along thousands of other players against each other, until victory. Question. save. Your second priority is to find out what's around you. You can have a list of your current cards by looking the "Inventory" window from top. Your probes will find three different things: solar flares, missions and events. Each station can host a number of fleets. see full image. Every player gets a. Starborne is a free PC Space MMORTS game set in a rich Sci-Fi world. So, I'm about to hit lv 10, and I'm starting to wonder where should I place my second station. You can pick a random one or choose a specific "sector". Obtaining more resources should be a priority. Once your influence goes over a certain value, you can increase your station level. Posted by 1 day ago. You use these to improve your station, make spaceships, and build space structures (outposts, additional bases). When you join, you're placed along a spiral arm of the galaxy. Once you've all that, click on an hex within your influence (with a selected fleet) to see what you can build. Events appear on moons and planets in your territory and can reward resource cards, which you will need to improve your structures or use to gain extra resources. Solar flares appear on suns, and you can send a fleet of industrial ship with harvesters to get resources. Your station produces and harvests resources: gas, metal, crystal and labor. Each fleet has a single type of ship, but can have from 0 to 800 of these. 7. Each level increase the reach of your influence: a level 1 station influences only the hex it is on, a level 2 the hexes next to it, a level 3 reaches one further, and a level 4 station reaches the maximum of 3. Your first moves should be to start expanding your station. Adding or improving buildings in your station increase your influence. And your enemies may attack you. Starborne Times: 3rd Edition. When you go offline, your station keeps on producing, your fleets continue to their destination and come back, your experience keeps accruing, and so on. During those 7 days, you cannot be attacked, raided, none of your stations can be destroyed. The left side of the buildings is all resources and storage. Your scout fleets can be used to spy on hostile structures (like the Marauder station next door) or place probes in space to find what's going on. On your own, you are not going to prevail against thousands of rabid enemies. The Oct 2018 Official Alpha Tutorial Watch our video introduction to the Starborne October 2018 Alpha Server. share. Base Scan Strength of 100. It will show missions you have already found in red, hints for other missions in yellow and colors the remaining hexes in different shades of grey-blue, depending on your Scan Strength. The Exploration view mode (hotkey F2) is your most important tool for finding Missions. 8. Starborne: Sovereign Space - A Beginner's Guide Welcome to Starborne: Sovereign Space . You need: resources, enough space in your industrial fleet, an empty hex... and a Structure Point. You can see the fleets that are currently idle and docked at your station. Learn the basics and take your first steps towards forging a mighty sector-spanning confederacy.