Flair targeted the left leg, and applied the figure four leglock after a shin breaker. Zbyszko, Gilbert and Steiner dominated Garvin until Sting tagged in. One Saturday night on TBS, I remember Nikita being ambushed after a match by Terry Taylor, who had stolen Nikita’s belt, and promised victory at Starrcade. By all means, the match wasn’t that great, but the crowd ate up every minute of the match that even featured Jim Cornette taking a very famous and dangerous fall from the top of the Scaffold! Eaton fought back by throwing powder at Morton and Gibson. Windham failed to break the hold with several throws. The first match was between the team of Eddie Gilbert, Rick Steiner and Larry Zbyszko and the team of Sting, Michael Hayes and Jimmy Garvin. I cannot emphasize how impressive the crowd’s reaction to Nikita’s win was. © 2004-2020 CBS Interactive. Dillon attacked Weaver with a steel chair, and took the key. Rogers attempted to climb the scaffold, but Morton attacked him, Lane and Eaton with Cornette's tennis racket. (NWA) banner. Hayes, & "Gorgeous" Jimmy w/ Precious. After Taylor accidentally knocked Gilbert off the apron, Koloff performed a Russian Sickle, and pinned Taylor to unify the titles. The fourth match was between Nikita Koloff and Terry Taylor (accompanied by Eddie Gilbert) to unify the NWA World Television Championship and the UWF World Television Championship. This match was a semi-big deal, as Sting had recently turned face and began feuding with his former teammates, Gilbert & Steiner. Written by Eric James Taylor (April 5, 2004). Morton followed Lane, and pushed him off. [2], Starrcade was headlined by the match between Ric Flair and Ron Garvin for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. The third match was a Skywalkers match between The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane) (accompanied by Jim Cornette and Big Bubba Rogers) and The Rock 'n' Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson). It took place on November 26, 1987 from the UIC Pavilion in . To compete with Starrcade, the WWF introduced the Survivor Series event, and held it on the same night as Starrcade. Below is all the information you need to catch the latest edition of the Starrcade event on Sunday. The booking committee wanted to end Flair's reign as the champion, but their top preferences of who to be the new champion could not be chosen due to the circumstances. Garvin fought back after blocking Flair's attempts to send his head into the cage. Subscribe to our podcast -- State of Combat with Brian Campbell -- where we go in depth on everything you need to know in WWE each week, and be sure to listen to our instant analysis of Survivor Series 2019 below. A second ref had entered the match after the first ref was knocked down. To enlighten the newer fans as to what the term “supercard” once meant, I will analyze perhaps the greatest supercard of them all, in my opinion, the NWA’s Starrcade ’87: Chi-Town Heat event. 2019 WWE Starrcade live stream, watch online, start time, matches, card, location, date, WWE Network Since returning the Starrcade show to the event calendar in … The match started with Koloff targeting Taylor's left arm. A three count later, and Dusty had won what would prove to be his very last NWA Championship. Like Jim Cornette said on the Monday Night Wars DVD, the old NWA was selling out shows like mad to crowds of at least 12,000, but as soon as they turned over to WCW and were bought out by Turner, they had trouble getting 3,000 people a night. Overall, the crowd on this night was perhaps the greatest crowd I’ve ever seen, live or otherwise. Rhodes had the crowd eating out of his hand, and it didn’t hurt his popularity any with the fact that Lugar was probably at this point more hated than Flair (at least in Chicago on this night). Only a small amount of providers carried Starrcade, and it drew a 3.30 buy rate while Survivor Series drew a 7.0 buy rate.[1][4]. [3] In early 1988, Sting, who was rising to stardom, challenged Flair to a match at the first Clash of Champions. Other big matches include rivalries such as Roman Reigns vs. Baron Corbin and New Day vs. This was the first interpromotional match, as Sting, Gilbert & Steiner had been with the UWF up until that point. This page was last modified on 30 August 2015, at 04:02. In the main event, Ron Garvin defended the NWA World Championship against Ric Flair in a Steel Cage. Anderson and Blanchard targeted the knee with the use of the ringpost and a steel chair. On November 26th, 1987, Thanksgiving night, a sell-out crowd in the UIC Pavilion in Chicago, IL saw perhaps what is arguably one of the greatest events of all time. Rick Steiner, Eddie Gilbert, & Larry Zbyszko w/ Baby Doll vs. Sting, Michael "P.S." It's also been announced that the WWE Network live streaming portion of the event will include a special edition of "The Kevin Owens Show" featuring special guest Ric Flair. Falling on the heels of Jim Crockett’s purchase of Bill Watt’s UWF, this event promised many great matches, including a few interpromotional matches. If the NWA had remained as strong as they were on this night, the WWF would have been in a lot of trouble much earlier on.