Bob Caudle is amazed that these men used to be partners before they split up. They'll only give him super hobo powers. rock music. Yeah, some of the specific spots became almost cliché in the years after, but this one did it first in a major match setting (instead of a freakshow like The Sheik or Mark Lewin) and used the gory spots to pay off drama instead of popping a crowd by mere bloodlust. *THUNK*” sequence that defines the match. Starrcade '83 was a bit of a chore to sit through at times, despite the highlight matches. God, I love wrestling. Taylor runs the heels together and sets up Buddy for the superplex to finish, but Dillon hooks the leg and Buddy falls on top for the pin at 10:35 to win the title. I have a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell! Then the most memorable part of the match, as the ugliness comes out with Tully yelling at him to submit and then hitting him with the microphone, giving us the great “Say it! J.J. Dillon covers the cowbell Ron Bass for the win. A point of fact that I didn't iterate on in my previous column is that I'm writing this while I'm watching the show. Jimmy Valiant then rips the pants off of Jim Cornette while the drag queen rips off his shirt. Flair eats post and Dusty elbows away on the apron. I think Bobby Eaton is also busted open, giving us our TENTH Crimson Mask. Jimmy Valiant is a god among lesser men, the greatest hobo to have ever lived. We're back in Atlanta as Dusty Rhodes makes his way to the ring. I had no idea that the NWA was this batshit insane. Landell hits Terry Taylor with a fantastic clothesline in an attempt to kill the rooster, but you know he ain't gonna die. I knew he was going to play white. The drag queen pins Eaton and Ms. Atlanta Lively wins the match. If that's cocaine, it will only make him more powerful. Get your minds out of the gutter! Arn’s awesome reactions to the chops are another reason why he was so great. Tully then shoves Hebner to the mat for Ref Bump #4. Hey, why not. Ivan tries his own rollup, but Robert sends him into the cage to counter and Ricky comes off the top with a fistdrop for two. This is a Texas Bullrope Match. Butcher responds by stabbing Manny right in his Robert DeNiros with the spike. Live from Atlanta, GA and Greensboro, NC. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Use the HTML below. Shiavone declares that they are ready for the first match, Bob Caudle agrees and exclaims, "let's go!" Afterwards, Joe Frazier then scolded his pet fish for swimming and the bird that pooped on his car windshield for flying away like a coward. Ron Bass then wins with a cowbell off the middle rope. Tully, bloodied and cowering and on the verge of tears while TA stands triumphant but disgusted with himself for letting it go that far, is wrestling’s version of Shakespeare.