If you need more information or are seeking a new license or permit, select START at the top menu of this web page, scroll down and select OBTAIN LICENSES AND PERMITS, and scroll down and select STATE LICENSES AND PERMITS. A vehicle titled in New Mexico that is subject to the weight-distance tax … TITLE 19        NATURAL RESOURCES AND WILDLIFE, PART 19         RELATING TO RECREATIONAL AND EDUCATIONAL ACCESS TO STATE TRUST LANDS. SLO Rule 19, Amendment No. Those activities that are not allowed on lands open to recreational access include, but are not limited to: Recreational access shall not be exercised in a manner that materially interferes with other authorized uses of state trust lands or valid existing rights, such as agricultural leases or rights-of-way, or in a manner that prevents or limits the commissioner’s exercise of his/her constitutional, statutory, or regulatory responsibilities. We assist businesses to protect the …        IDENTIFICATION AND LOCATION OF RECREATIONAL ACCESS LANDS:  Recreational access permittees are solely responsible for correctly identifying and locating the lands they seek to visit pursuant to a recreational access permit. A Permit does not create an exclusive right of use of any portion of State Trust Lands by Permittees. Box 1148, Santa Fe, NM 87504 // 505-827-5760 // 505-827-5766 (Fax), Powered by Real Time Solutions - Website Design & Document Management, Announcements and Open Procurements – Business Leasing, Announcements and Open Procurements – Office of Renewable Energy, Project and Maps – Office of Renewable Energy, Policies and Procedures – Commercial Division, Renewal Information – Agricultural Leasing, OPEN FOR ADVENTURE Online Recreation Permit, Hunting Pilot Programs: Dispersed Camping and Backpacking. Box 1148, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504-1148, Phone: (505) 827-5713. Click here, © Copyright 2020 Federal Applications Processor by Hoffenmer Not all State Trust Lands are open for recreational use. “Established road” – A road built or maintained by equipment, and which shows no evidence of being closed to vehicular traffic by such means as berms, ripping, scarification, reseeding, fencing, gates, barricades, or posted closures. Because the CDT traverses State Trust Lands in a patchwork of areas throughout New Mexico, this includes long-distance CDT hikers and horseback riders. Welcome to the New Mexico Operating Permit System (NM-OPS)!        TRESPASS AND WASTE:  Prohibited activities as described in NMAC, on lands open to recreational access are deemed to be in trespass, waste, or both. The law requires all OHV users to register or acquire a permit for their OHV if it is used on public land. Some businesses must obtain a permit from the New Mexico Department of the Environment.