{Below Zero} Cant change resolution or graphics on Mac, Subnautica: Below Zero Stranger Pings Update - Subnautica. How many people can actually play if our minimum spec is a GTX 660? Each blue dot in the graph is a single rendered frame – The y-axis showing the length of time it took to render and the x-axis the time at which it was rendered in the benchmark. Being a game developer means selling games. Logically, that makes games infinitely harder to make, and Unknown Worlds could probably create a movie like Interstellar in about three days. Set affinity to 0,2,4,6 or the next set of even numbers to select the physical cores on CPU's with Hyperthreading/SMT. An early October histogram of recommended-spec frames. Anyone can walk onto a forum and say ‘I think that a GTX760 is a fine recommended spec.’ Or, they might say ‘Subnautica runs like crap.’ Or, ‘Subnautica runs smooth as butter.’ These statements (and game forums are full of them!) November 12th recommended spec test, with 16.7ms target removed. Severe Hitching/Framerate Drops When Moving in Seamoth Because of the way the game handles loading new objects, moving too fast through the world will lead to severe hitching and framerate drops, even on systems that far exceed the system requirements. Cutting all our unique features to ensure we run blazing fast on low end hardware doesn’t make sense. The graph above is one of the earlier performance tests we ran at our draft minimum specification: An Intel HD 4600 GPU, two Haswell CPU cores @ 2.5Ghz with four total logical processors, 8Gb RAM. Some store links may include affiliate tags. Still in early access, to be this good and still adding significant functions is astounding.This game plays like a dream, only a few fps drops when you render a new area. Variance is often perceived as ‘jitter’ or a general feeling of ‘inconsistency’ while playing. Compare a movie, which has linear progression, to a game, which has practically infinite experience permutations. Please read our guidelines for editing and behavioral standards. The above histogram shows the proportion of frames being rendered in three critical buckets: Those less than our minimum playable threshold (28.6ms), those less than target (16.7ms) but greater than minimum playable thresholds, and those less than target. For example, Subnautica’s enormous deformable high-fidelity voxel seafloor requires lots of computing power, and would be very difficult to do on very low-end hardware. Has to be enabled from settings with mouse or keyboard. I won’t go into it here, but suffice to say if you measure a game’s performance with FPS, you could be missing huge issues, and analysing data is made needlessly harder. Make sure to like comment and subscribe and make sure to listen to the instructions clearly. Under the details tab in Task Manager right click to 'set affinity'. Hello! Cumulative distribution showing varied performance over many builds, Hitting performance targets is a tricky business. Breakdown of August Valve Hardware Survey with draft SN specs. At the time, we figured that blazing frame-rates would come naturally from lower visual quality. Those two thresholds are the orange and green lines you see overlayed on the graph. The point of games is to interact with the game space, not watch it pass by. Console Commands are a group of tools that adjust the player's experience outside the normal scope of the game. Call me insane, but I figure that if your entertainment media can be re-shot over and over again, it’s got to be easy-pesy. Use Task Manager or a program such as Process Lasso to set the CPU affinity to 4 physical cores.