[10], The headmasters who followed Lillard and continued his vision of expansion and growth were James W. Wickenden (1942–1976), Peter M. Webster B.A. [27]", SAU was granted a Title IX exemption in 2014, allowing the school to discriminate on religious grounds, which it still holds today. Academic Programs. SAU also has one site in Ohio: Toledo (Owens Community College). [18] There are roughly 42 denominations represented on the campus. [6], Lillard was responsible for the creation of the International Schoolboy Fellowship in 1927, the first established international student exchange program for American schoolboys. To kick off our virtual chapel talk series, Interim Head of School Julie Salit invites the Tabor community to BELIEVE. And it's not by my might, it's not by my power, it is by the spirit of the Lord. In regards to graduate programs, SAU offers the Master of Business Administration, Master of Arts in Family Studies, Master of Arts in Education, Master of Science in Management and Master of Arts in Counseling degrees through some of its regional off-site campuses. Tabor Student Handbooks. Great Wikipedia has got greater.. Leo. The dormitories at Tabor Academy range from small houses with as few as five students, to larger dormitories with as many as 40 students, each mixed with freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors. This phrase is referenced in the school's songs, and is a tribute to Tabor's nautical background. It will enhance any encyclopedic page you visit with the magic of the WIKI 2 technology. During this period, in order to seek out a higher level of competition, Tabor raced against crews from Harvard University, Yale University and M.I.T. Graduate education classes were begun at Spring Arbor in 1994. [citation needed] While Elizabeth Taber did not stipulate any particular religious affiliation for the academy, Howland stated that Tabor "will probably always be under the management of those who sympathize with the Congregational faith." [24] His sermon stated: "I don't have time to tell you the stories of lesbians that come to our church and repent of their sins and now are living straight lives. I use WIKI 2 every day and almost forgot how the original Wikipedia looks like. While some of our students literally study marine biology or celestial navigation, sail boats both large and small, row crew shells or swim off Tabor's docks, all our students undertake voyages of the mind and spirit. With a strong emphasis on spiritual life, Spring Arbor University requires that all students attend a chapel service on Mondays and Wednesdays at 10:05 am. 2! He selected the seal as an image to students to "sail towards broader horizons" and the motto because of its nautical meaning as the state of a vessel when everything is shipshape and accounted for. In 1939, the New York Times reported on Tabor's dominance on the international level, stating that "It is almost a maxim nowadays that either Tabor Academy or Kent School will win the Thames Challenge Cup race for eight-oared crews. Device to monitor water quality in Buzzard's Bay, Lemelson-MIT Program 222 Third Street, Suite 0300 Cambridge, MA 02142. New Student Info. That's it. While there are lots of times for friends to be together at games and on weekends, we also make time to gather the entire school community four times a week to celebrate achievements, watch student performances, share a meal, enjoy conversation and reflect together as a community. Spring Arbor University has two radio stations: 106.9 HOME.fm and 89.3 The Message. For a school of its size, the curriculum contains an especially broad spectrum of courses, from introductory levels to honors and 22 AP courses to highly sophisticated opportunities for independent work. In addition, Tabor Academy is located walking distance from Silvershell Beach, where students can have a picnic on the beach, take a quick jog, and pick up ice cream from the Marion General Store on the way. Tabor's motto is "All-A-Taut-O", referring to the condition in which a sailing ship is fully rigged and everything is in place. The school was, until the late 1940s, a maritime school where uniformed boys performed morning and evening drill as well as pursuing a classical academic curriculum. Just better.