Not getting his way. Before they enter the Vault, Rhys can either place his trust in Fiona and admit he has feelings for Sasha or chose that he has feelings for someone else; which is heavily implied to be Fiona based on his body language and facial expression when revealing to her that he is "interested in someone else." Taking all of his scenes, including the ones as The Stranger, into account, he has more screen time and plot relevance than either Sasha or Vaughn. It's revealed that Jack once spat on Rhys when he was alive. been working with Vasquez to betray Rhys and Vaughn ever since they landed on Pandora. Tales from the Borderlands. Lots and lots of rockets. At the end of the episode they open the Vault Treasure together, only to be teleported away. Telltale. They all seem friendlier after this. Working up the ranks of Hyperion is a start for him, with, of course, intentions to control Hyperion one day. Instead, Hector used it to begin a brutal military campaign with the intent of committing planet-wide. Character Edit. In general terms, he is the in-between characterization of Timothy Lawrence and Professor Nakayama. A mid-level Hyperion employee with ambitions of controlling the company. Using Rhys' body. In Episode 4, Fiona states that she recognizes their outfit, but can't quite put her finger on who they are. Shows up as the Final Boss of Tales From the Borderlands, just like its predecessors. Can be very sweet and downright romantic with Sasha, which she seems to enjoy quite a bit. it's possible to convince him to turn against Kroger and Finch (and thus his own mother). Often subverted. His new eye (and arm) is a result of using Atlas technology to rebuild the implants. Genuinely thanks Rhys if he trusted her over Jack. In Episode 4, he's come a very long way on the Badass scale. How to unlock: Felix is unlocked only if you warn him about the bomb in the case at the end of Episode 01: Zer0 Sum, Chapter 05: 2 Fast 2 Fiona. Also happens if Rhys chooses to sic Dumpy on her, at which point he switches off his voice changer and tells her who he really is before letting her have it. When he becomes the bandit leader of the Children of Helios, he arms his gang with Hyperion-issue laser pointers instead of guns. Never mind that he did it in an incredibly indirect, roundabout, and probably unintentional fashion. I would never betray you, bro!" Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from Tales from the Borderlands Edit "Zer0 Sum" Edit Yvette is first seen after Rhys is "promoted" to Assistant Vice Janitor, she asks him why he has to clean up trash. Jack for good, and taking over Atlas, the company Hyperion came to replace after its downfall in the first, literally ripping himself over against Jack's control in order to get his rights to control Atlas instead. 7,511 Pages. On the other hand, if Rhys and Jack are on good terms and Rhys accepts his offer, Jack makes him Hyperion's new President. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Spend as little money as possible on your journey OR keep Felix alive. Rhys becomes scared and angered as he feels Jack betrayed him and escapes, falling down the trapdoor, where he could or could not end up meeting with Fiona, Sasha and Gortys. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll Fiona rebukes it immediately. It also extends to her choice of weapon, which is a tiny derringer that she hides up her sleeve and which at first only holds a single bullet. In other words, he has to, digital copy of your idol downloaded into your brain, Rhys is the CEO of Atlas. Jack attempts to kill Rhys even though he knows that this will result in his own death. She accuses Vasquez of being only out for himself...which she also is. Yells at the Helios station that he's not afraid. Helios, which he mostly designed and programmed personally. They like him so much they all wear masks resembling Jack's face mask. Rhys's legendary skill with the finger gun allows Gortys to fire actual bullets from her fingers. Rhys is the only character of the main group to not have his age confirmed. takes out an entire elevator full of Hyperion soldiers before they can kill Fiona and Sasha. She can also kill Felix, her surrogate father. He's stated to be absolutely obsessed with Handsome Jack to the point that he specifically styles himself after him. She tries, bless her. Later, Rhys goes to leave the office when the injector plugs into his head. Compare to Episode 1 where he's basically scared out of his mind when having to fight bandits to Episode 3 where. Like Claptrap's MINAC from the Robolution DLC, her new body is enormous, and like the Fragtrap, her attacks are all based on those of other Vault Hunters, though those Vault Hunters are the ones using them, Her situation with the Traveler can best be described as this, once she's fully upgraded. In the final episode, after jacking back into Rhys' mind, he makes Rhys strangle himself with his own arm, forcing Rhys to pry the arm off.