There are a lot of conversations going on as to how we could do that,” Lee told TVLine back in January. Has said repeatedly that she thinks Pam Grier should be cast as Lanie's mother. This was a decision made by ABC and ABC Studios. "[1], When she was 23 years old and working on the TV show, For Your Love, she suffered a brain aneurysm. Younger Sister of Actress Tracey Cherelle Jones.

It is such a great atmosphere to be apart of. Many of Stana and Tamala‘s fans have stated on social media that they will not continue watching the show without their characters. I was still auditioning for other pilots when I heard the news of the pick-up & was about to network test for another pilot. There are no Words.” I gotta imagine that’s how a lot of viewers feel — to lose the central relationship of a show you love over behind-the-scenes, budgetary concerns has got to sting. At the age of 20, she made her feature film debut in How to Make an American Quilt as the great-grandmother of Maya Angelou's character Anna. Tamala Jones plays Medical Examiner Dr. Lanie Parish, Detective Kate Beckett's best friend, on Castle.
), See Which Celeb Is Revealing Their Initial Reaction To Pete Davidson & Ariana Grande's Engagement, This Celebrity Is Supporting Kanye West's Fight to Regain Control Of Masters. Tamala Jones opened up about her exit from the ABC series Castle during an interview with Access Hollywood on Tuesday, April 19. Her parents were such fans of music, that she was named after Tamla Records, a "sister" record company founded by Berry Gordy before he founded the Motown label.

You walk on that set and it just not work for us. On Castle, she is credited as Tamala Jones. Weeks ahead of the Season 8 finale ABC has confirmed that co-star Stana Katic is officially exiting the series after the conclusion of the season. Instead, ABC and ABC studios made the decision not to bring back Katic and Jones for budgetary reasons. Born in Pasadena, California, Jones first acting gig was an IBM commercial in 1989. 1 Bestselling Skinny Jeans Are Under $30! Try Personal Readings and Get Real Answers from the World’s best Psychics and Astrologers! She is known for her … Is Castle Season 9 only in the midst of taking shape? Part of the American Media Entertainment Group.Powered by VIP. We really are a unit.

Would you rather just see the series draw to a close? In 2006, she had her breasts surgically enhanced. Give It A Shot! Moving on! She has two younger brothers.[4]. What do you say, Castle viewers? As viewership numbers inevitably wane and cast salaries increase through the years, long-running series can become prohibitively costly for networks (though it’s relatively uncommon for cost-cutting measures effect the series leads).