The How Songs From The Big Chair Ruled The World booklet features new content by SDE editor Paul Sinclair (me! 15. I think the prices won’t stay like that for much longer ? Everything is identical, including the sticker with the wrong wording (!). It was my favourite album of 1989 and is probably one of my favourite 10 of all time. So I revel in the fact that I can now buy the Hurting box which I somehow missed as well as the booklet. Great price from SDE as well. Another bonus would have been the BBC In Concert show however I think EMI have the rights to the concert stuff. Can’t wait for a ‘Seeds of Love’ boxset hoping there will be more demos in the vein of ‘My Life in the Suicide Ranks’. Why this was reprinted in such limited quantities despite the demand is beyond frustrating. to sponsor ne. Always keeping an eye on the resell prices and hoping to get them at a decent price, this is a no brainer. The Hurting [Super Deluxe Edition] (3-CD + DVD) by Tears for Fears - CD (2013) for $60.40 from Pop / Rock CMJ : Ranked #14 in CMJ's 'Top 20 Most-Played Albums of 1983'. It isn’t so much a remix as it is a new single mix with the production reworked on it. The album peaked at number two in the UK and at number one in the US and Canada, becoming a multi-platinum seller in all three countries. I’ve lost hope it’ll arrive and of course since it’s sold out I can’t afford it anymore on third party sites. I can’t stress how amazing the 5.1 mix of Big Chair is for anyone still on the fence. All those alternate versions that I’ve had on various formats for years will finally be available. THey both play the main instrumentation - keybords, bass and guitar - and do it quite well. I just ordered one from there. Reviewed in the United States on December 23, 2018. A really great masterpiece. Tears For Fears’ much acclaimed third album, The Seeds Of Love is set for a super deluxe makeover, which will be released through UMC/Virgin on October 9. Dumb thing for me to say, guilty as charged. Good it was to!, definitely a strange decision not to flood the market as they would have sold a few more for sure after that, on the other side of the coin the casual will want the album only I guess and not all the extra stuff, we diehards crave!. If it would not be February 12th then I would think this is an April Fools joke – re-issuing previous SDEs while we are waiting for 5 years for an already finished product to be released eventually. The 5.1 mix of Big Chair is phenomenal, one of my favourite surround sound mixes. I’ve got nothing to add, I just didn’t want to be the only one not to post something on this thread. How about more pages and sized to fit in the box (if there’s room?)? With these boxes still having the same copyright details from a few years back I have a question. I think they’ll end up on Amazon as well. The Deluxe Edition of “Songs From The Big Chair” only featured the 7inch version of “The Way You Are” but not the much better extended 12inch version, hence this 4 Disc set is totally spoilt for me and as I have the track on CD already I will not be buying this set, however good it is! Out of order sellers! Thanks. 1982), Memories Fade (Jensen Session 20. BBC TV Appearances, 03. Either that or they only pressed a few of them, because selling out in just a few days when the release date is still a month away is pretty nuts. 5 in the UK and No. For one, I can’t wait to peruse “The Hurting” when it arrives as the content looks great & it takes me right back to Autumn 1982. EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD : 4:08 Wogan I ordered it a few days ago and mine is on the way. Can you give a rough guesstimate of the shipping to the US? The Paul McCartney ‘Flowers in the Dirt’ and Kate Bush ‘Before the Dawn’ booklets that preceded were absolute gems! Woman in Chains (7″ version) Roxy Music’s debut album SDE (3 CDs and 1 DVD) started at £100+ when it was released 3 years ago. Guess I’ll be saving my money. What a joke. 04. That would be bad. I guess it could all come back. I beg to differ. 05. I missed “The Hurting” one & was’nt willing to spend stupid money on it and am gonna think seriously about it. Ive gone from excited about the sde ttf releases, to disapointed (that seeds was taking so long) to anoyed, knowing the seeds sde has been sitting in the can for so long, to unable to listen to ttf without being distracted by what a cluster they have made of managing their catalogue… on to something less frustrating! INTERVIEW WITH PRODUCER CHRIS HUGHES : 35:00 Tears for Fears - The Hurting (Super Deluxe Edition) Album Lyrics; 1. One of the greatest albums ever made, this deluxe edition is long overdue – I was hoping for a 12″ single box (on CDs) reissued but this will do just fine since just about everything after this era is available somehow on CD. One petty little niggle. Paul, I’m on the mailing list but I’ve never received a single email from the store (and I check my junk regularly too). THANK YOU! THE WAY YOU ARE – Early Mix : 4:25 can you tell me if these sets are limited many thanks.. With music streaming on Deezer you can discover more than 56 million tracks, create your own playlists, and share your favourite tracks with your friends. They’ve been going for crazy money on the used/second-hand market and I couldn’t bring myself to cave in. wel done! Pale Shelter (2nd Single Version) Lyrics: 2. I can still remember exactly the place (Andy 's Records, Ipswich), weather (overcast), day (Saturday), the fact that it was early in the afternoon, and also that like every other record that I bought, I was paranoid about not creasing the cover and treated the purchase like it was gold.