Any details? @shancake_ @TheWatchdogEM Got mine from Telstra with just a mobile service, no NBN. Every move they make is choreograph to the last detail eg LNPs parroting the same statement on issues verbatim. With phone use as individual as a business, it can be tough to decide which plan is the best fit for your circumstances. @Telstra I've had the same tablet before (and sold and rebought it) and it has had updates past Android 5.0.2. I was on to messaging them and they said im eligible, it’s just not working. Only the telecom ombudsman can lead to a Telstra human, a fix and compensation. Please reply because this is getting beyond a joke. Unfortunately there is no joy in saying "told you so". The Velocity fibre is only wholesaled to exetel as no other provider will deal with @Telstra $100 a month for forced landline and internet 30/1 is on average upto $30 higher than #nbn ....... I’d like to report this but do not want to spend an hr on the phone so you can check the same tool I do and see that everything’s fine. As one of the biggest telcos in Australia, it’s no surprise that Telstra has many options for your business, regardless of how big or small it is. @SonySupportUSA Cheers. @bline999 - Jimmy, @Telstra Please check out the tweet I sent and the photos. I also looked at @Telstra, but despite being a long-term customer I'm on pre-paid so can't get it. But it’s cheaper than therapy. @Telstra Hey @Telstra this still isn't resolved. 4K video streams at 25Mbps. People are working from home and it’s going to take 2 days to fix!! @shancake_ @TheWatchdogEM Got mine from Telstra with just a mobile service, no NBN. I called Telstra today. I was trying at 8am sharp. Its not fun to be on the phone for 3 hrs explaining your situation being told phone is being sent, calling being told sorry it hasnt its on its way and so on. It still is down for me ☹️. @TaleahmMarie The official app of the Australian Diamonds and Suncorp Super Netball, Follow the NRL, State Comps and all the international Rugby League matches, The new My Football Live App is the official home of football in Australia. @HappyWa33258455 @greysfan Here’s the problem Give all the telcos those 02 numbers that come up on our call identification screen and they still will not block them or cancel the lines #telstra #optus. Not happy @Telstra ... no phone line or home internet for 6 days... You're not making working from home easy. When I looked at XBox Series X it was out of stock everywhere. @Telstra How does one report an outage? @Telstra Good stuf, Page last updated by @Telstra Hi Telstra - I have an issue regarding accounts and my nbn Internet connection that I am paying a fortune for. Telstra sucks. @7NewsMelbourne I installed NBN on the 11th August & Telstra still can't tell me why it does NOT work. @Telstra Hi. Support . Only it never is resolved. @Telstra @XboxANZ eligibility fine, long term customer- no help from your mesaging service and can’t speak to anyone directly? I was told on Sept-10 I would receive a phone call from a Case Manager within 24 hours. So did anyone have issues with @Telstra ? We were being gouged for that due to Telstra’s network infrastructure monopoly. Or is there any way you can help me? This is not good enough #telstrafail, @Jai_Sharma @Telstra My account is definitely linked properly.. I’ve been with Telstra for YEARS and have ordered multiple devices and accessories through the site in the past with no problems... @Aussie_Legend Terrible.