In an electric motorcycle, the battery pack may be the largest single component in the vehicle, and long range requires substantial packs to be carried in the narrow, tall space between riders’ legs. The astonishing ‘Model M’ Tesla motorcycle concept, created by London based digital designer Jans Shlapins. Tesla already has cash flow difficulties, at least according to recent reports, so it is hardly likely to sink a significant portion of its increasing cash base into a project that will deliver relatively minimal returns. Uncover major shifts and emerging opportunities with our exclusive PRO research. Russia Ready To Renew Energy Dialogue With The U.S. After Two Oil Train Derailments Canada Imposes Lower Speed Limits, Oil Rises Further On Large Crude, Gasoline Draws, Oil Prices Hit Hard By Lower Refinery Runs, Surprise Crude Oil Build Thwarts Price Rally, OPEC’s Third-Largest Producer Fails To Comply With Output Cuts. Drawing Read More. Thus, the corporation has had to tolerate a cooling in its prospects in recent months and years, but the inimitable and charismatic CEO of the company, Elon Musk, remains bullish on the prospects of the corporation. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. It is powered by a 204 PS (150 kW) electric motor and can be driven in four computer-controlled modes – Race, Cruise, Standard, and Eco. Tesla must concentrate on producing solid revenue streams from its existing planned vehicles, and grow the reputation and customer base of the company before engaging in any niche projects. Merchant of Record: A Media Solutions trading as, That email address is already in the database. This would lead to the power-to-weight ratio of the Model M being particularly impressive. Edit your articles and see how they stack up on the leaderboards. It’s highly possible that Tesla’s decision to focus on four-wheeled vehicles might see other manufacturers move into the electric quad bike space in order to build competition. Join over 200,000 subscribers who rely on our weekly newsletter to keep up with need-to-know trends and insights. Famine, Economic Collapse of China on the Horizon? Zero Motorcycles is the brand closest to mimicking the design and ethos of Tesla; they have bikes in a range of styles from dirt through to touring. Fans of motorcycles will also notice pretty quickly that the Model M concept features no transmission whatsoever. It’s perhaps remarkable that Zero decided to develop yet another large motorcycle, as the market for electric motorcycles is mostly focusing on smaller, short-distance city bikes, which are by far the best selling bikes in the world’s largest electric two-wheeler market, China. Tesla fans that expect the car-builder to venture out in electric motorcycles have been disappointed by Tesla CEO Musk himself. Tesla, however, took the same approach: it developed the Roadster, a small sportscar with a, back then, unprecedented range of 245mi (394km), creating a more exclusive and ‘cool’ brand.Related: Oil Demand Under Siege As Airlines Cancel Over 50,000 Flights. (function () { In 2018, designer Jans Slapins revealed his concept for the Tesla Model M, a 15Kw Electric Motorbike in the aesthetic style of the Tesla brand. Edit your profile, connect your social media accounts, and more. Host a custom innovation conference in your city that will inform and inspire. Oil Prices Slide As Libya Restarts Production. An independent designer, Jans Slapins from London, is responsible for the images, which present a fascinating virtual concept of the first potential motorcycle from the electric car manufacturer. I estimate that the Cyberquad will be priced around $20,000. Two considerably different cars, both impressive in their own right. Watch Tesla Model Y Duel Jeep Trackhawk In A Red Hot Drag Race, Watch This Lifted Tesla Model Y Get Down And Dirty In Off-Road Adventure.