We all benefit from the roles they play in the environment and the economy. Matzy works hard to pull the shark in several hundred yards only to see the reel unload. The fear of sharks dates back to earliest days of seafaring, when sailors' fears of mythical sea creatures seemed to be one of the very real dangers of heading out to sea.
Neither of those attacks proved fatal. Wow…he runs the same bait again and dozes off to sleep. The shark puts the pressure back on to escape, and the top guide on the rod breaks. Good to have Matzy and Jake there, the ultimate big shark leadering team. Toggle navigation Shark Attack Data ... Shark Attack Data.

Troy leans back hard, but the shark gains momentum and starts to run again. They quickly exit the water and the hammer is on it’s way.

Officials to conduct search for missing East Texas infant. We asked several times if he needed help, but he said he had it. Of these attacks, only five unprovoked attacks were fatal. Hundreds of yards out, the fish starts to slow down. Travis is leaning back hard, but he is powerless to turn this shark. The 14/0 takes off, Jake grabs the rod, and it is a solid fish pulling solid drag. What is next?….Keep Reading…. Troy heads back over and I crash out close to the rod. Runs the bait a third time, this time it smokes and the bite looked like a hammer.

Matzy locks it down hard, but the shark keeps taking line at a rapid rate. He walks back several time and gains a small amount of line. This was a shark camp for the big ones, AND THE BITE WAS ON! Then the shark decides it wants to run down the beach. Slow action as the sun is going down. Back and fourth, Troy brings the shark to the bar and the last 100 yards of the fish. We hang on with all our strenght, but the shark starts to pull away and in that moment the leader breaks. How can I tell the difference between the flu and COVID-19. Our staff is made up of the most experienced... READ MORE, Order your Subscription to the best Texas Saltwater Fishing Magazine! All Troy can do it to hang in there and try to wear this monster down. We ended with 4 tigers over 10 feet, one Hammer going 11’7″, one hammer going 8’4″, a fat bull going 8’4″, a mess of rays, and truckload of smiles and good times. The reel is hot and we are pouring water on the side plates. (1) This means that the fish people catch are more likely to be happy, healthy, and delicious! Everyone realizes he has a big monster. After Thompson's death, shark attacks became rare in Texas, with only two unprovoked shark attacks happening between 1938 and 1961. Late in the night while talking with Troy, we see the glow stick start moving out on a my rod that was about 125 yards down the beach.
One hundred hards of line leave the spool, and the shark continues buring one hundred yards more; a 200 yard run in total. We are home to a large and vibrant saltwater fishing community as well. It was interesting kayaking out there after seeing all the big sharks during the last few day, and the the action tonight. After the small amount of relief and line, the shark turns slightly to the right and starts another strong power run. Texas Sharks The Texas Sharks is a youth travel baseball organization with select Baseball Teams based out of Prosper, Texas.

Finally Travis takes his fighting belt off and plants the rod butt in the sand and sits down on the ground.