The cheater was someone who knew the exam proofs were there. "The Adventure of the Three Students" is one of the 56 Sherlock Holmes short stories written by British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.It was first published in The Strand Magazine in June 1904 with illustrations by Sidney Paget.It is one of 13 stories in the cycle collected as The Return of Sherlock Holmes.. ", "Have you been in it since your adventure? The Adventure of the Three Students Arthur Conan Doyle. Choose an answer and hit 'next'. "Tomorrow's the exam, and I won't be drawn by anyone. Look at that!". Without his scrapbooks, his chemicals, and his homely untidiness, he was an uncomfortable man. Here it was that one evening we received a visit from an acquaintance, Mr. Hilton Soames, tutor and lecturer at the College of St. Luke's. ", "Yes, young Daulat Ras, an Indian student, who lives on the same stair, came in to ask me some particulars about the examination. He confronts Bannister with the evidence. ", "No, no, my dear sir; such a course is utterly impossible. Sciences, Culinary Arts and Personal You there, if you please, Soames! How did he know? Such an idea was absurd. As to his escaping by that window, it was incredible. Bannister swears that he did not touch the papers. "Well, Watson," said he, "it is time we went down to St. Luke's. Of course, what has happened is very clear. "One could hardly hope for any upon so dry a day. 's' : ''}}. Soames’ desire is to uncover the cheater and prevent him from taking the exam, since it is for a sizeable scholarship. I had, however, promised to take tea in a friend's rooms, so I left the proof upon my desk. Perhaps you will kindly wait a minute, until I have examined the floor. question 1 of 3. ", "Ah, that's good! The unfortunate tutor was certainly in a state of pitiable agitation when we found him in his chambers. ", "Was it not very extraordinary that you should do this on the very day when there were these papers inside? He put his shoes on the table. The cheater obviously took the papers over to the window one by one so that he could see Soames returning, but as it happens, he did not come back the usual way. I had to read it over carefully, as the text must be absolutely correct. ", "Soames will be in a dreadful fidget until we are able to tell him something positive. ", "It is a very delicate question," said he. ", "Let us hear the suspicions. "This set of rooms is quite the oldest in the college, and it is not unusual for visitors to go over them. While doing some research in a university town, a professor approaches Holmes and Watson for help. Holmes asked, as we came out into the main street. He could find no footmarks or other physical evidence. Inside, there are no clues in the carpet. We shall certainly find some way out of your difficulties. You don't seem to realize the position. You left him in a chair, you say. It is a fair argument that wherever No. 1 and 2. "The first page on the floor, the second in the window, the third where you left it," said he. When you sat down on that chair yesterday, did you do so in order to conceal some object which would have shown who had been in the room? Soames had gone to a friend’s for tea and locked his office. This could only be Gilchrist because the proofs’ whereabouts had been kept secret, and Gilchrist was the only one tall enough to have been able to look in through Soames’s window to see them there. Holmes goes in search of a missing man, last seen, by his wife, looking agitated in the second floor window above a seedy opium den. ", "As a matter of fact, he could not," said Soames, "for I entered by the side door. "Can you tell me his exact height?" Near this little table. I found that the key was indeed his, that he had entered my room to know if I wanted tea, and that he had very carelessly left the key in the door when he came out.