She has been offered a high-paying job as a governess to the Rucastle family, who live on an estate called the Copper Beeches in Hampshire. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is a 1939 mystery film based on the fictional character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Holmes remarks, "You've a magnificent brain, Moriarty. Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (o Sherlock Holmes) è un cortometraggio muto del 1905 diretto da James Stuart Blackton basato sul detective creato da Arthur Conan Doyle, e in particolare sul romanzo Il segno dei quattro (1890). Upload them to earn free Course Hero access! In the end, Ann is married and Holmes tries to shoo a fly by playing his violin, only to have Watson swat it with his newspaper remarking, "Elementary, my dear Holmes, elementary.". (2017, February 7). . The person locked in the room is Alice Rucastle, Mr. Rucastle's daughter by his first wife. Course Hero. After asking a few questions, doing some research, and enlisting the help of Scotland Yard, Holmes is able to locate the mansion where the press is; the house has been set ablaze. In a strange case that moves from an opium den in London, to Kent, and then back to London, Sherlock Holmes discovers a startling secret that does not actually involve a crime. He is found dead from the bite of an Indian swamp adder, a snake that he has been sending into Helen's room to kill her and calling back with a whistle as morning approaches. She is about to be married but fears she will suffer the same fate as her twin sister who died mysteriously just before her own wedding. That night, shortly after Holmes beats on the walls of the room with his cane, a scream comes from Grimesby Roylott's neighboring room. Instead, at James's trial he establishes reasonable doubt and James is then free to marry Alice. "It would make an impressive exhibit", replies Moriarty. Holmes deduces that the note is a warning and rushes to find Lloyd Brandon. Course Hero. A well-known beggar in London, Hugh Boone, has been accused of his murder. Hearing her cries from a nearby park he captures her assailant, who turns out to be Gabriel Mateo, out for revenge on the Brandons for the murder of his father by Ann's father in a dispute over ownership of their South American mine. In a case that turns out to be something of a love triangle, Sherlock Holmes is contacted by the esteemed Lord St. Simon to find his wife, who went missing at their wedding breakfast. Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, who first appeared in publication in 1887. He is getting married, and he must recover compromising letters and a photo that are in the hands of an ex-lover, the enchanting opera singer Irene Adler. The Golden Throats Wiki is a FANDOM Music Community. The book was published in England on 14 October 1892 by George Newnes Ltd and in a US Edition on 15 October by Harper. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. Arthur knew the two stole the crown, and in fact wrestled it away from the man, causing the stones to fall off in the street outside the house. The stories challenge readers to hunt for clues and develop their own hypotheses as each narrative unfolds, but in the time between the crime and the resolution, readers come across all sorts of enchantingly drawn characters. Mary falls in love with this mysterious man and pledges to remain true to him no matter what. Number of classes: 3 Storytelling + Any 3 activities (One per story) Resource material: “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (XXXXXX) Refer to Project Gutenberg.