Download titles to your supported device for on-the-go-streaming. By uploading your resume, you are not submitting an application for employment. Nothing like a good ol’ fashioned time loop to force folks trapped in neutral to get retrospective on their personal statuses.—Andy Crump, Year: 1985 Director: Tim Burton Stars: Paul Reubens, Elizabeth Daily, Mark Holton Rotten Tomatoes Score: 87% Rating: PG Runtime: 92 minutes, Tim Burton’s full-length directorial debut is also one of his best. Most new episodes the day after they air*, Watch on your TV, laptop, phone, or tablet. Hulu. Record Live TV with 50 hours of Cloud DVR storage. Moondog is a fun-loving, pot-smoking, beer-drinking writer who lives life on his own terms in Florida. Aspects of the film defy explanation, but one thing is clear: Nobody was stifling the writer-director, and we’ve been given one of the most interesting films of 2017. Everyone you’d expect (Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd, Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader) co-stars.—Josh Jackson, Year: 1989 Director: Michael Lehmann Stars: Winona Ryder, Christian Slater, Kim Walker Rotten Tomatoes Score: 93% Rating: R Runtime: 102 minutes, As much an homage to ’80s teen romps—care of stalwarts like John Hughes and Cameron Crowe—as it is an attempt to push that genre to its near tasteless extremes, Heathers is a hilarious glimpse into the festering core of the teenage id, all sunglasses and cigarettes and jail bait and misunderstood kitsch. —Amy Glynn, Year: 2019 Director: Olivia Wilde Stars: Kaitlyn Dever, Beanie Feldstein, Jessica Williams, Jason Sudeikis, Lisa Kudrow, Will Forte Rotten Tomatoes Score: 97% Rating: R Runtime: 105 minutes, Booksmart, the directorial debut of Olivia Wilde, is another journey down the halls of a wealthy high school days before graduation, but it’s different enough to be endearing. Moondog is a fun-loving, pot-smoking, beer-drinking writer who lives life on his own terms in Florida. Corky St. Clair leads the lovable bunch of misfits who comprise the small-town theater group. What I didn’t notice was that the film was directed (and co-written) by Craig Johnson, the man behind the underrated indie True Adolescents. After it’s stolen in broad daylight, we see Herman travel across the U.S. to reclaim his baby. Speaking of Lawrence, Martin also gives a career-best performance as Captain Wack, dolphin lover; the film slides effortlessly into absurdity. There are moments in Sorry To Bother You that will make you want to jump giddily around the theater. One could claim that director Harmony Korine doesn’t believe in basic human responsibility anyway. It’s a symphony of creation from a troupe of performers at their peak. Though Charlie thrives in the outlaw lifestyle, drinking and whoring through one tiny town after another, Eli hopes for better things, whatever that may be—a family, perhaps, with the school teacher who gave him the red handkerchief he wears around his neck—fed up with fearing for their lives and sleeping on the ground and nursing his brother’s hangovers, despite how good they’ve become at what they do. Now up to six members of your household can have separate profiles so that favorites and recommendations are unique to each viewer.