The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond is a 2008 independent film by director Jodie Markell. Fisher wants Jimmy to be more than her escort to parties, but he resists her advances. Any recommendations for other movies based on stories by Tennessee Williams. Fisher then runs back upstairs and fulfills her assisted-suicide promise to Addie, while Vinnie tells Jimmy that she has no choice but to marry the man that asked her. Stodgy and dispiritingly old-fashioned, Teardrop Diamond proves to be no big loss. "The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond" was made from a screenplay written by Tennessee Williams in 1957. Jimmy eventually agrees to get the money to help his parents.After two eventful parties where Fisher took Jimmy with her, the two developed some drama and chemistry together. But Howard does bring home Fisher's strength, and Fisher's physical abandon comes through beautifully in the scene in which she dances, by herself, with all the excitement and impetuousness of the Jazz Age. She pulls the strings of the audience as well as any good director can. As a romance, the movie is questionable, not so much because of cheap filmaking, but because of a deliberate decision to keep things a bit distant. Surprising, interesting, with an excellent cast and a wonderful dramatic feel, Finally after 30 years, a "new" Tennessee Williams film. Starring in DUCK DYNASTY at age 14 and receiving a spot on DANCING WITH THE STARS at 17, Sadie Robertson Huff said that Jesus grounded her when she be, Large numbers of people gathered for worship in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts in what some are calling a "move of God." As the title suggests, things eventually go awry when, at a Halloween bash north of the river, and thus apparently welcoming to Fisher, the girl loses one of the expensive earrings Aunt Cornelia has loaned her. NBA All-Star Stephen Curry is an outspoken Christian who is breaking the mold of conventional faith-based media. While he made a lasting impression as, Actress Letitia Wright shared a heartfelt tribute to her BLACK PANTHER co-star and on-screen brother Chadwick Boseman after his death. The image is an example of a ticket confirmation email that AMC sent you when you purchased your ticket. Like many of his works, it focuses on the character of a flighty Southern belle. The song that reached the number one spot is a duet. Instead, characters mostly behave out of personal gain and calculation, in an emotional way, without a rational, biblical foundation. This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Directed by Jodie Markell. Along with her own personality that is considered quite annoying (she's very sarcastic and honest),this makes it impossible for Fisher to find an escort to go with her to social events. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. He's a grandson to a former governor although his father (Will Patton) is a drunk and his mother is in an asylum. I grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, and it really spoke to me. Copyright © Fandango. Voters and message boarders dissing this movie no doubt want A)a happy ending, or B)inbred southern Gothic genre pulp along the lines of TEXA$ CHAINSAW MASSACRE. by which I mean the long monologues filled with sharp images and the characters' slow drawl, is also typical Williams. It's the autumn of 1923. While Jimmy escorts Fisher, both are dressed to the nines, with Fisher wearing her aunt’s $10,000 teardrop diamonds. In "The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond," Fisher(Bryce Dallas Howard) might on the surface seem to have everything she could ever want in Memphis in 1923. It is beautiful, rich and luscious, with every shot dressed up nicely. (2008). Kazan, however, went to work on other projects. Markell said, "In time things changed, and the people who were in control of the rights changed, and we kept approaching them every few years with producer Brad Gilbert, who was really great and obtained the rights eventually. On the way home, Fisher asks Jimmy to stop. He has to make a choice whether to respond to her advances. The great grandson of a former governor, Jimmy's family is poor, his father is an alcoholic who temporarily works for Mr. Willow and his mother is in a mental institution. Either way, you enjoy the feeling, without loving the movie, but it makes it a descent watch.We are introduced to Fisher: the spoiled, self-obsessed daughter of a rich plantation owner, who is locally disliked. She decides to clean up longtime workhand Jimmy Dobyne (Chris Evans) to accompany her. From my research, the film was made in 2008, but not released until January 2010. This story however, is far from the classics he usually wrote. By the movie's close Chris Evans as Jimmy manages to swallow his pride to join her in at least partially escaping the sins of their fathers. and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. He catches the eye of an heiress who is obnoxious and is very unpopular. Movieguide® is a 501c3 non-profit. Coming Soon, Regal Ann-Margret appears in a thankless role, as Fisher's repressed aunt, but Ellen Burstyn gets to shine in two strong scenes as a bedridden woman who can't wait to die. Nothing makes me happier than the producing of works from great writers, even after their posthumous. Coming Soon.